Vietnam to Grant 90-Day E-Visa for Citizens of Serbia from August 15, 2023

Great news for citizens of Serbia planning to visit Vietnam! Starting from August 15, 2023, Vietnam will extend the e-visa validity to 90 days, allowing multiple entries. This significant update aims to enhance the travel experience and convenience for Serbian tourists, who can now explore the mesmerizing landscapes and vibrant culture of Vietnam for an extended period.

Vietnam’s recent decision to extend the validity of tourist e-visas to 90 days and allow multiple entries has delighted many foreigners, including citizens of Serbia. This development comes as a welcome relief to those who had been eagerly waiting for Vietnam to implement a more extended visa policy.

Previously, Serbia’s travelers to Vietnam were limited to a 30-day e-visa, which often required multiple border runs every month. These frequent trips not only consumed valuable time but also incurred additional expenses. As a result, some Serbian tourists opted to visit neighboring countries like Thailand, where longer visa options were available.

However, with Vietnam’s new policy set to take effect on August 15, 2023, citizens of Serbia can now enjoy an extended stay of 90 days. This enhanced e-visa validity period will provide ample time to fully immerse themselves in Vietnam’s stunning landscapes, rich history, and diverse cultural experiences.

Vietnam’s decision to extend the e-visa validity is a testament to the country’s commitment to promoting tourism and fostering stronger relations with international visitors. With its breathtaking natural wonders, bustling cities, and warm hospitality, Vietnam has become an increasingly popular destination for travelers from around the world. Now, with the extended e-visa validity, Serbian tourists will have even more reasons to explore this captivating country.

To apply for the 90-day e-visa, Serbian citizens can take advantage of Vietnam’s e-visa scheme, which is currently available to citizens of 80 countries and territories, including Serbia. The process is straightforward and can be completed online, saving travelers time and effort. By following the simple application steps and meeting the necessary requirements, Serbian tourists can obtain their e-visa hassle-free and embark on an unforgettable adventure in Vietnam.

With the news of Vietnam granting 90-day e-visas to citizens of Serbia from August 15, 2023, it’s time for Serbian travelers to rejoice. The extended e-visa validity period will provide ample time to explore Vietnam’s enchanting landscapes, immerse in its vibrant culture, and create unforgettable memories. Plan your next adventure to Vietnam and experience the wonders this beautiful country has to offer.

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