Exciting Update for Hellenes: Vietnam to Grant 90-Day E-Visa Validity from August 15, 2023

The Vietnamese National Assembly has recently approved changes to the country’s immigration policies, granting extended validity of e-visas for foreigners entering Vietnam. Under the new regulations, the validity of the e-visa issued to foreigners entering Vietnam has been extended from one month to three months, and will take effect from August 15, 2023.

The Hellenic Republic (Greece) is included in the list of 80 countries and territories eligible for the Vietnam e-visa. This means that from August 15, 2023, citizens of the Hellenic Republic will be able to enjoy a 90-day validity period for their Vietnam e-visa. This new regulation will make it easier for Hellenes to visit and do business in Vietnam.

The Vietnam Immigration Department, under the Ministry of Public Security, is responsible for issuing the e-visa to eligible foreigners. The e-visa can be obtained through the Immigration Department’s electronic visa system. Upon successful application, the e-visa will be issued in the form of an electronic visa certificate. This certificate must be presented at the port of entry upon the traveler’s arrival in Vietnam in order to complete the immigration process.

The Vietnam e-visa is valid for a single entry or multiple entries into the country for a period of up to 90 days. It is important to note that the e-visa is valid only for the purpose of tourism or doing business. It is not valid for permanent residence or employment.

For the citizens of the Hellenic Republic, the 90-day validity period for the Vietnam e-visa will be a great advantage and will make it much easier to explore and do business in Vietnam. Visitors from the Hellenic Republic to Vietnam will be able to enjoy the country’s culture, cuisine, and attractions without having to apply for a new visa every month.

The new regulations will come into effect on August 15, 2023. Until then, the current regulations remain in effect, and the validity period for the Vietnam e-visa for Hellenes will remain limited to 30 days. We encourage all travelers from the Hellenic Republic to familiarize themselves with the new regulations and plan their trips accordingly.

We hope that these changes will make the process of traveling to and doing business in Vietnam much smoother and more convenient for the citizens of the Hellenic Republic.

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