Vietnam reopened visa applications (e-visa & visa on arrival) for citizens of France starting from March 15, 2022

In an effort to fight the spread of the Covid 19 virus, several countries around the world have closed their borders to foreign visitors. These include Vietnam. In fact, Vietnam has temporarily stopped issuing visas to foreign visitors including French nationals. France is one of those countries that have been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

But the good news is that the temporary suspension was only for a month. Vietnam is once again issuing visas to foreign visitors including the French citizens. The country is hoping to invite visitors to the country once again and boost its tourism industry, which has been badly affected by the pandemic.

Applying for Vietnam Visa for Citizens of France

⚠️ Before applying for a visa, you are advised first to see who is exempted from a Vietnam visa.

French is among those nationalities that qualify for the visa waiver program of Vietnam. This means that they are able to enter the country visa-free. However, their stay must be only 15 days or less, which is why it is best to just apply for a visa for your trip to Vietnam. With a visa, you’d be able to stay in the country for up to 30 days or even more!

French citizens can choose from two different options for their visa. One is the e-visa or electronic visa. Another is the visa on arrival. If you believe that a 30-day vacation to Vietnam is enough for you, then go for the e-visa. This visa can be easily applied online and you’ll get it only a few days. Plus, you can use this visa in entering Vietnam through various points of entries. So if you are going on a cruise and you’re entering through a seaport, then this visa will be useful for you.

On the other hand, the visa on arrival is a sticker visa that you can get when you arrive at the airport. With this visa, you get to choose from a single entry or multiple-entry and with a stay of up to 90 days. And although you’ll only get the visa on arrival at the airport, you are required to pre-register online.

When you register online, you will then be sent the pre-approval letter.  You need to print the letter because this is what you will use to claim your visa at the airport. Also, the visa counters where you can claim this visa can only be found at the airports. Therefore, this visa will only work if you’re flying to Vietnam.

How to Apply for the Vietnam E-visa

French citizens who need an e-visa to Vietnam can simply go online. The process of applying this type of visa can be entirely done online, which is why it is called an electronic visa. Once the visa is approved, it will be sent to your email in a PDF format so you can just print it out. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Go to the official website of Vietnamese government to fill out an online application form. Type your details correctly, especially the name, birthdate, passport number, and other important details. Double-check before you go to the next page.
  2. You will then be asked to upload certain documents, such as the scanned copy of your passport’s bio page and digital copies of your photos.

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  1. There will be a processing fee that you need to pay and you can pay for this using your Visa, MasterCard, or even PayPal. Submit your application and wait for confirmation.
  2. You should receive an email after about 3 business days informing you of the status of your visa. If it’s approved, you’ll be asked to download a copy and print it since that’s what you’ll use to enter the country.

How to Apply for the Vietnam Visa on Arrival

As mentioned, the visa on arrival would require you to pre-register in advance. You are required to present the pre-approval letter at the airport’s visa counter before you will be given this visa. This is how to apply for the visa on arrival

  1. Register by filling out an application form online. Make sure you enter all details correctly. Choose whether you need a multiple-entry or single entry visa. Submit the application.
  2. Once approved, you will be sent an email. In it, you will find the pre-approval letter. Print the letter and bring it on your trip.
  3. When you arrive at the airport, proceed to the visa counter and submit all your requirements and pay for the stamping fee. The officer will ask you to wait while they process your visa.
  4. After a few minutes, your name will be called. Go to the counter and claim your passport. Check your passport and you’ll find the visa sticker attached in it. Now you can go to passport control so you can enter Vietnam and start your holiday.