TOP 5 BEST Outdoor Activities in Da Lat, Vietnam.

Whenever you are traveling with your family and with kids in tow, I bet the search always starts with the outdoor activities. As kids get bored quickly and continuously seem to possess overflowing energy, I have compiled the five most enjoyable outdoor activities when you are in Da Lat City.

1. Go Tobogganing at Datanla Falls

You have probably seen lots of waterfalls in your life, but have you tried tobogganing before? If no, why not spent a day hiking the falls and take a toboggan ride from top to bottom? You can even control your speed alpine coaster yourself! The stairs to hike up the falls is well maintained and not dangerous at all, so it’s great for kids and the elderly. You can also walk to a nearby temple (about 15 mins walk).

Datanla waterfall is only 6km from the Da Lat city center. To get to the falls takes Highway 20 a few kilometers south of Da Lat. Many tour agencies in Da Lat include Datanla waterfall as part of a day trip. However, you can comfortably ride there by hired motorbike, bicycle, or even walk.

2. Ride a Cable Car

The cable car connects Robin Hill to Truc Lam Pagoda and Tuyen Lake. It is a conventional way to see the city of thousands of flowers from above. Along the 2.5 km ride, visitors could enjoy the beautiful scenery of pine tree-covered hills, farmland, and mountains. There are souvenir shops, restaurants, and cafes at both ends.

3. Ride a Swan Shaped Pedal Boats

The artificial lake in Da Lat city center has to remain the most premier attraction Da Lat has to offer. Known as Ho Xuan Huong Lake, named after Ho Xuan Huong, considered to be one of Vietnam’s most significant classical poets. The lake is about 5 km in circumference, with a crescent moon shape. It stretches over 2 km through many tourist sites of Da Lat City, like City Flower Garden, Yersin Park, and Cu Hill.

Hop off and sip a coffee while admiring the sunset across the lake. It is a charming spot to sit and relax completely. Many people also gather around the lake for a picnic, cycling, and jogging.

4. Go Trekking

There are plenty of hiking trails in Da Lat, but for family traveling with children, we recommend the Langbiang Mountain. About 12km north of the city center, Lang Bian Mountain is one of the most frequent destinations for a half-day or a day out hiking.

It is the highest peak overlooking Da Lat. Trekkers can hike roughly 4 kilometers to the top that will lead to vegetable farms, coffee plantations, pine trees, and jungle forest. From the peak, you will get a fantastic view of the highlands: Silver Stream, Golden Lake, and whole Da Lat city.

A guided tour will also bring you to Lat Village, where the Lach ethnic minority people reside. You can admire intricate hand-woven products and visit the Traditional Architecture Church. For guided hiking tours. You can visit Dalat Trip. Make sure to bring sunscreen lotion, a windbreaker jacket, and mosquito repellent. The temperature may drop, too, so bring a spare cardigan just in case.

5. Experience Extreme Canyoning

For the more intrepid travelers, you can try extreme canyoning at Datanla Waterfalls. Some license tour operators provide equipment, including comprehensive instructions and safety measures. The program includes:

  • Three abseils: One dry cliff (18 meters) and two wet cliffs (25m)
  • One Zip Line.
  • One cliff jump (7 meters).
  • Two natural water slides
  • 7-kilometer trekking.
  • Free time swimming.
  • Sumptuous lunch with a drink.
  • Free 1 T-shirt.

The tour additionally includes guides, transportations, entrance fees, medical kit, and travel insurance. Please take note that the participant needs to be physically fit to join this activity. For more outdoor activities, please visit Da Lat Adventure Tours.

The closest major airport to Da Lat, Vietnam, is Lien Khuong Airport (DLI / VVDL). This airport is 31 km from the city center.

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