The best way to experience Vietnam is by train

One of the most important topics of today is the environment. Therefore, it’s become more and more important to travel in a better, more climate friendly way. Most of us know that flights aren’t known to be the most environmentally friendly transportation option, but we also know that flights are much faster and today, it’s also become cheaper than ever to fly.

But if you’re serious about wanting to experience a place fully, skip the flight. Not only is it better for the environment, you’ll also get to travel in a much more fun way. But what’s the other options, if not taking the flight? Take the train! The best way to experience Vietnam is by train and here’s why.

Slow travel is better for you

If you’ve never heard of the concept ‘slow travel’, you’ll definitely want to hop on this trend. It’s a new form of traveling, like we used to do before social media took over and made it “cool” to visit as many places as possible. Slow travel is just what you think it is – traveling in a slower pace. This means you stay in one place for a longer time, you take the public transportation that’s slower and you enjoy being in one spot rather than jumping around from place to place. Train is definitely a good way of practising slow travel and you’ll get to see so much more than if you’d hop on a flight. Sometimes, the train doesn’t even take longer. If you think about it, you need to get to the airport, be there at least 2 hours prior to departure, wait to check-in, fly, then go from the airport to your destination. The train might sound like it takes a longer time, but a train never really only takes an hour to fly.

You’ll get to meet locals in a different way

Traveling by train in Vietnam is definitely interesting because you get to see some of the local culture, meet the locals, talk to them and perhaps even share a meal. The Vietnamese are very warm people and accommodating, so if you ever feel lost or need some company, you can rely on them. When we’re stuck on a flight, we usually don’t talk to the stranger besides us. But traveling by train allows us to be able to socialize in a different way. The times I’ve taken the train, I’ve been so surprised by the hospitality of the people and how comfortable I felt.

The views are to die for

The views you get from the train aren’t the ones you’ll get from a flight high above. Instead, you’ll be able to peak your head out of the window and see rolling hills, a stunning coastline, cities and towns you’d never thought of visiting and rice paddies as far as the eye can see. Taking the train isn’t just a way of going from point A to B. It’s actually a journey itself. This is why the best way to experience Vietnam is by train.

It’s better for the environment

As was discussed before, flights aren’t good for the environment and these days, we take them without even blinking or thinking whether it’s really necessary or not. That’s because the prices are so low and flights are so accessible to us. But there’s times when we really don’t have to take the flight, we can opt for the train instead. The trains in Vietnam runs almost everywhere to the major hubs, departs daily and they’re much cheaper. So be kinder to the environment and to your wallet by taking the train next time you’re traveling in Vietnam.

It’s better for you

Everyone loves to travel, but it seems that sometimes we do it for the wrong reasons. We want to squeeze in as much as we can, we want to see and experience everything, but in the end, it’ll just burn us out. Unfortunately, people travel in a much more rapid pace without even thinking about why they want to see that specific place and what they want to gain from it. They usually end up feeling way more exhausted than when they began the trip. Is that really how a vacation should look like? But when you force yourself to slow down and take the slower means of transportation, you’ll feel an instant change in yourself. You’ll start enjoying your surroundings more, be more aware of everything that’s happening and you’ll also feel more relaxed and calm. It might sound silly that a train ride can do all that, but when you think about it, you’re forced to take it easy if you’re going on a longer train ride. You can talk to your friends, grab a snack, listen to podcasts, read a book or listen to some music, all while watching the incredible sceneries of Vietnam passing you by outside the window. Sounds like the perfect journey to me.

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