10 places to travel in your late 20s

As you get older, you’re might starting to feel like you don’t blend in as well with the other young backpackers who just left high school. What used to be fun just isn’t as much anymore. Booze cruises, full moon parties, wet t-shirt competitions… Perhaps you’ve done a bit too much of it all or you’ve never been one to be interested in it to begin with, but there’s a few destinations that attracts the young crowds more. So if you’re seeking something that’s a bit different from that, or a slightly older crowd, why not check out this list of 10 places to travel in your late 20s.


Uzbekistan has quickly become one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in recent years. Because of the strict visa regulations, it used to be a bit more difficult to visit Uzbekistan, but now when the rules for the visa has changed, it’s much easier to enter the country. Therefore, tourism has risen and now is the perfect time to visit it. Uzbekistan has a lot to offer. With a rich culture, fascinating history, astonishing madrasas, you can’t go wrong here. Although most people go to Uzbekistan to visit the many mosques and mausoleums, you’ll also find some surprisingly good hiking spots in the country. When the cities become overwhelming, just take a marshrutka (minibus) to the countryside and start hiking. It’s impossible to not find a great spot.


It’s often been dubbed as ‘Africa for beginners’, so if you’ve never been to Africa but you’re curious about it, why not start in wonderful Namibia? It’s full of national parks, wildlife reserves, canyons and even a castle! Namibia is heaven for those who are into nature and wanting to see wildlife. It’s also known to be a safe destination, so it’s definitely a wonderful start to your Africa journey.


Believe it or not, but there’s actually not only young backpackers who travels around Vietnam. Sure, since it’s part of the famous ‘Banana Trail’, you’ll definitely get your fair share of the Southeast Asian backpacker’s, but Vietnam is really a destination for all. You will meet everyone, from families to solo travelers, older, younger… Doesn’t matter, they all come here for a reason. Vietnam is one of the most stunning countries in Asia with its mountains, rolling hills, beaches and rice fields. There’s never a bad time to visit Vietnam.


What’s not to love about Brazil? This warm country with some of the best dancers in the world will definitely get you in the right mood. Brazil will become an instant favorite the minute you step out of the airport. The good thing about Brazil is that it’s a massive country so it’s incredibly diverse. But that can also be a bad part – it’s SO massive, it’ll take you years to explore everything. Perhaps that’s not really the point. If you like beaches, stick to the south so you can also go to Rio de Janeiro, the city that will never bore you! You have everything you want from a city – a lively city center, great people, lots of things happening, pulsating atmosphere, fantastic nightlife, amazing food scene and beautiful beaches. Seriously, how can you go wrong with Rio?

In the past few years, Iceland has become a huge hit amongst international travelers. Usually, you go to Iceland because you’re interested in nature. And boy, do they have some amazing nature! Black beaches, glaciers, volcanoes, you name it! It’s paradise for those who enjoys fine nature. Although it’s important to think about the fact that Iceland is facing over-tourism, meaning there’s simply too many tourists in the country. So if you would like to go, consider going off season. This way, you won’t have to fight about the beautiful spots and the locals will surely enjoy having tourists around more.


Japan might be a bit off the radar for young backpackers with a tight budget because it’s known to be a bit more expensive than Southeast Asia for example. But Japan can definitely be done on a budget, if you know where to go. Food is usually quite cheap, if you go to more local spots. During lunch time, you can find small noodle shops where you pay about 3 dollars for a bowl. But besides finding great food for a cheap buck, there’s lots more to Japan. The Japanese culture is fascinating, where tradition meets modern, and you can definitely see this when you travel around Japan. Go to Tokyo first, the most eclectic city in Japan where you’ll see some of the most advanced technology. Afterwards, go to Kyoto, with its many temples and shrines that will take you back in time. This is where you’ll get a glimpse into traditional Japan. It’s indeed an incredibly interesting country filled with contrasts, diversity, jaw dropping nature, bustling cities, and much, much more. Japan is a country that’s suitable for all ages and all people.

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