Adventures you can enjoy In Vietnam

Vietnam has many great adventures available for the action seeking tourist. These action packed activities are the perfect answer to fill the adventure tourist’s craving for action. Here is a list of these exciting adventures.

Sand-boarding in Mui Ne

Mui Ne is considered to be the Sand Boarding capital of Southeast Asia and the second best location for this sport in the world. The Mui Ne sand dunes are a perfect place to practice sand surfing. The best time of day is on a cool early morning before the sand becomes to hot to ride.

You can rent the steel board and begin this adventure as a great way to get your early morning exercise while experiencing a thrilling adventure at the same time. With a little practice you may even be able to stand up on your steel slide while coasting down the dune.


Kitesurfing is one of the most strenuous and exciting sports to do in Vietnam. It has even become a popular spectator activity for those who just like watching.

Because of the strong winds and perfect conditions found in Mui Ne it is considered to be the best place to experience kitesurfing in Southeast Asia.

Kitesurfing is the younger brother of the more well known sport of board surfing. Mui Ne’s powerful winds makes it a perfect spot to perform the high octane jumps above the ocean below.

Caving in Vietnam’s spectacular caves

Caving is one of Vietnam’s most famous adventure activities. When caving the participants must ware a flashlight strapped to their forehead as much of the caves are pitch black.

Caves are found throughout Vietnam but the largest one is located in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh Province. Surprisingly, this cave is large enough to fly a Boeing 747 through the entrance. This huge cave is amazingly large with miles of space to walk through while exploring the the caves stalagmites and stalactites.

Hiking on Mount Fansipan

Conquering the highest peak in Vietnam is an incredible adventure in itself. Climbing Mount Fansipan will definitely get your heart pumping as you traverse its many trails which peak at an altitude of 3143 meters. This very challenging hike will take you to some of Vietnam’s most remote and spectacular terrain. The hike’s primary attraction is the spectacular and beautiful panoramic view of Indochina.

This is the number one trekking adventure to be found in Vietnam and is located in Lao Cai Province.


Canyoning is a thrilling adventure sport that is much more difficult than it looks. The best location for canyoning is in Dalat where both half and full day canyoning tours are offered. Here you will find both difficult and easy routes available. There are routes with combinations of swimming, hiking and waterfalls. This is the place you can both jump and slide down waterfalls in this enticing outdoor playground. Incredibly fun with little risk of injury.


Kayaking is enjoyed by many in a variety of locations around Vietnam. Considered the premier location for kayaking it is located in the world famous Ha Long Bay. This premier location for kayaking is filled with with limestone islands. These are majestic pillars decorating the entire bay. Here kayaking is practiced by many in the most picturesque scenery to be found anywhere in all of Vietnam.

There are many untouched locations to be found on the outer fringes of the bay. Simply rent a kayak and explore the excluded beaches and caves where possibly you will be the first to venture in a place where no one has ever gone before.

Motorbike between Hanoi and HCMC

The greatest Vietnam adventures has to be riding a motorbike trip between Hanoi and HCMC or visa versa. This is the ultimate in Vietnam adventures which takes between 3 to 5 weeks to complete. You will see the country much like the locals do. Take the plunge and buy a motorbike for your trip and then sell it at the end of your journey.

On this challenging ride you will discover what it’s like to have all of your senses fully alive and functioning. If your not up to riding on your own you can take an individual motorbike tour and ride on the back of a bike as a passenger.

Marble Mountain Rappelling Tour

A great tour for adrenaline junkies is the Marble Mountain tour which includes repelling as well as cave exploration. This exciting tour features dangling over the edge of a sheer cliff and descending down into the darkness of a seemingly bottomless cave. A thrill you will not soon forget.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is when the swimmer straps an air tank on their back and dives below the waters surface for 30 minutes to an hour. Vietnam has hundreds of miles of coastal shores thereby affording many perfect places for the scuba diving enthusiasts to practice their favorite sport.

Nha Trang has emerged as the favorite location for scuba diving in Vietnam. Here the scuba divers can expect to see a rich array of colorful fish, plants and coral decorating the ocean below. The diving is at its best on cloudless days when the sun is shining and the clear water is at its warmest. It’s in these conditions when new dive sites are discovered in the beautiful pristine tropical water.

These incredible adventures are just some of the the reasons that Vietnam has become so popular with the world most ardent travelers. Don’t wait—-come see how great Vietnam is for yourself.

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