Best Place for a Massage in HCM

So, one of the top things on many people’s to do lists when in Asia is to come for a massage. Generally, they offer great service, a wonderful atmosphere, are highly skilled and well-trained and the price is wonderfully cheap. Much cheaper than you would ever get back home.

There’s nothing like completing an action packed afternoon on the busy streets of HCM with a sensual, calming massage surrounded by the beautiful smell of incense and lemon grass, listening to relaxing tones to bring you some serenity amongst the craziness. No matter what your style or budget, HCM has a massage spot for you!

1. Spa Khiem Thi- Chu Van An- Binh Thanh District

This place is definitely the cheapest massage you’ll find in HCM at just 100,000 VND (around $4) for 50 minutes. It is a blind massage centre so the majority of the masseuse are blind or visually impaired and have been trained as a way for them to make an income here in HCM. Disclaimer, the quality definitely does vary and it is probably not going to be the best massage you have ever had, but for the price, you could have five or six relatively good ones throughout your stay in HCM!

They paly relaxing music and there is a gorgeous smell of lemon grass that fills the room. Each person has their own bed with a blanket and hole for your face and they use Johnson’s baby oil for the massaging. You can choose between an oil or hot stone treatment and full body or neck, back and shoulders.

I recommend going in the morning before it gets too busy or loud. If cheap and cheerful is what you’re after, as well as helping the local people, then this is the best place to be.

2. Glo Spa

Despite the slightly tacky name, I really like this spa. Tucked away down an alleyway down the popular and trendy Nguyen Hue street, it has a small garden with a water feature and as you walk up the steps you instantly feel a sense of calm and tranquillity.
The waiting room is nice and relaxed and whole place is nicely decorated. The staff are very friendly and attentive and understand that you expect good service. Here you can get a full body massage, foot massage, facial, hair treatment, foot care and pedicure services all under one roof!

They offer Swedish massage (for relaxing), Asian massage (for sorting out aches and pains but not for the faint hearted!), and hot stone massage. A 60 minute Swedish or Asian massage starts at around $26 but if you go between 11am and 2pm (off peak) then it’s only $22.

3. Cat Moc Spa

This is another one of my favourite spas in HCM. It’s right in the city centre, down a quiet street, and so easy to get to yet still in a quiet area. It has a wonderful, calm atmosphere with a fabulous smell of essential oils. A great thing to know about this spa is that they will refund you the cost of getting there, just tell them how much you paid and they will give it right back when you arrive. This is a great added bonus to an already awesome spa. As with Glo Spa, they offer a whole range of services but for a cheaper price than most. I highly recommend an entire 75 minute massage for just $15 for a full afternoon of relation. For obvious reasons, bookings are recommended at this spa!

4. Saigon Heritage Spa

Of course, no list of top spas in HCM would be complete without the one that is ranked number one on TripAdvisor- and for good reason! This place offers highly trained, experienced and friendly staff in the centre of the city. The place starts as it means to go on with a really beautiful hallway full of lanterns, lights, candles, mood lighting and all things relaxing!

There gold body massage is 60 minutes and only $15 while you can get a 90 minute massage for around $21. They specialise in traditional body massage and use essential oils from Vietnam and Thailand. They also offer special packages that includes a whole 2 hour body massage or 90 minute body massage followed by a 30 minute foot massage if you really want to treat yourself!

5. THE SPA- The Reverie Saigon

If money isn’t an issue and you’re looking to really treat yourself with a next level experience then I recommend this spa. It’s in an extremely grand and fabulous Hotel that comes with high ceilings, floor to ceiling decoration and chandeliers to match. This place is huge and consists of two floors, with a whole number of treatments available including options for couples who want to unwind together.

This place really is world class with first of its kind technology and features. Guests are encouraged to make use of the steam rooms and saunas which come as part of all packages. The steam room has purpose built ceramic walls and they infuse the steam with eucalyptus for a fully immersive experience. They have a special sauna which is covered in Himalayan rock salt and surrounded by other natural aromas. It is designed to cleanse your body and relax your mind.

Prices start from around $86 for a world-class, never experienced before, hour long massage which includes entrance into the spas.

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