Vietnam – The Happiest Country in Asia

Vietnam is considered by many to be the happiest country in Asia.

It is a resilient and growing nation which has become number one in Southeast Asia in terms of growth and as a tourist destination. During the last 20 years this growth has been spectacular leaving the people with a high level of contentment and a true attitude of appreciating the things that they have. In fact Vietnam is rated the 7th happiest travel destination in the world.

Vietnam is loaded with beautiful natural wonders, cultural diversity and an endless menu of amazing experiences. It has acquired a reputation as one of the most versatile, golden places to visit on planet earth. In terms of tourist attractions it has more to offer than any other country in Southeast Asia.

It has everything that one could want when it comes to delicious foods, scenery to enjoy and magical places to visit. It is a serene tourist destination which is envied by travelers from around the world.

In a 2018 survey found that as many as 78% of the Vietnamese said that they were optimistic about the coming year. Which made Vietnam the sixth most optimistic nation out of the 55 countries surveyed.

There’s a lot to love about traveling in Vietnam. A country comprised of staggering natural beauty and filled with cultural complexities from dynamic mega cities to hill-tribe villages. Vietnam is both compelling and exotic. Amazing experiences are to be found everywhere you go in Vietnam. Experiences such as gazing over a surreal seascape of limestone islands in Halong Bay to exploring the world’s most spectacular cave systems in Phong Nha Bang National Park.

The one thing that really sets Vietnam apart from other Asian countries are the people. From north to south, the people have a friendly and welcoming way about them. Seemingly, more so than any other Asian country. Whether it’s on the crowded city streets or on a quiet country road you will find people going out of their way to make the foreign visitors feel welcome and at home. It is not uncommon for locals in the rural villages to invite a stranger into their home to partake in a friendly meal or a cup of tea.

Home stays in the villages around Sapa in the northern mountains is an excellent example of how to learn about the culture of the local citizens. The striking thing is just how similar these people are to the rest of the world when it comes to expressing basic human emotions like the love of family and expressing kind attitudes towards their fellow man.

Vietnamese People – Friendly and Hospital

Compromising 88% of the current population they are the majority ethnic group and are officially known as Kinh to distinguish them from other Vietnamese ethnic groups. They are easy going, friendly and hospitable.

Confucianism is basically the main influence determining how they communicate with one another. Humanism is the primary principle of Confucianism stressing benevolence and leniency among the people. It lays the emphasis on reciprocity and unity and is of great importance among the people. The family type relationships are primary among the people and are observed among friends and fellow workers. Accordingly friendship is highly valued among the people. The saying in Vietnam is that “next door neighbors are more highly valued than distant relatives.” The Vietnamese are always willing to receive friends and visitors, giving them the warmest of welcomes.

Many Vietnamese are reluctant to accept help because it is often seen as putting them in in debt to others. Self respect holds a high value in their code of virtues. Accordingly it is not common to hear overstatement or bragging and they are not big on flattery or praising one another. Praise is often passed on to others. They retain a myriad of long-standing fine traditions which is an indispensable part of their national identities. Their lifestyle is reflected in the relationship between the family and society in which the family’s main responsibility is to preserve and develop their traditions for future generations.

The Vietnamese people are hungry for knowledge and love to study many subjects. They are quick learners and love to school in many different subjects. This explains why they so seriously value a good education.

They are naturally timid people who act reserved when first meeting a foreign stranger. This is because they are afraid to speak about subjects which they know little about. But when they do become comfortable with the new foreigners they will demonstrate their open heartiness and may even invite strangers into their home for meals or just choose to hang out with them with their friends.

Typically the Vietnamese people think emotionally. When you first make friends with them they will be ready and able to help you however they can.

The Vietnamese people are truly jokesters and love to fool around. They may have different ideas then foreigners about what constitutes a good joke because of the cultural differences.

There are also regional differences which are manifested by different food, clothing, music and culture. The regions of Vietnam are divided between the north central and south.

These are just a few of the many reasons why Vietnam is thought to be one of the happiest countries in the world.

Come and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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