4 Smart Tips for Travelling to Vietnam for Indians

Vietnam is a beautiful country with many tourist attractions. People are these days heading for Vietnam, particularly Indians, as Vietnam has made the process of applying for a visa and entering Vietnam easy for Indian nationals. Having that said, if you are an Indian and you are thinking of heading towards Vietnam, there are many things you may not be aware of as a traveler. Only in the Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam, there are ten million citizens settled. If you are traveling to these cities, you must be puzzled about various things. If you are baffled for the traveling cost, must-try foods, and transportation expenses, then this article is going to help you a lot. This guide will aid you to have a flawless journey to Vietnam.

You can set yourself to all set mode once you read this article and follow it for your Vietnam trip. From accommodation to safety tips are explained thoroughly to help our Indians, ladies, and gentlemen have a smooth, fun trip to Vietnam.

Let’s start with the basics!

1: Getting the Visa

As Indians, it is easy for you to get a visa now if you are thinking of going to Vietnam. You can avail of the fantastic experience of visa on arrival. But before thinking of it, you need to keep two things in mind. First, you have to apply online for visa applications. Make sure you out the data and credentials carefully without any mistakes. Once you apply for it online, you will be mailed an approval letter that you need to show at the Vietnam International Airport. You must be thinking everything is done what must be the second point. The second point is an important one. You need to double-check the information written in your approval letter. If any mistake is found, you can ask for another approval letter with no spelling mistakes. This is essential because if the information in your approval letter doesn’t align with your information on the passport, you will face surprises at the eleventh hour. And believe you me it is going to be frustrating and fatigue for you. Once you double-check everything, you are good to go, and you will get the entry stamp quickly and hassle-freely.

2: Accommodation

Now that you have entered a foreign country, the next task is the accommodation where you can enjoy the nights and explore the cities in the daytime. There are plenty of cheap hotels that can easily match your budget. You can also opt for hostels where you have a shared lounge. This will aid in being social with the other travelers making your trip more fun. If you want to spend some alone time with your family or partner, then you can also avail of the 5-star hotels present in different cities of Vietnam. I said 5-star because it is not going to cost you much a few dollars will be useful for you if you choose a high-quality hotel even. But one thing everyone forgets is the homework. The first thing you should do before you even start packing is the booking of these hotels. There are many applications that you can download, and they will have you covered in this regard. Application s like booking.com and TripAdvisor are easy for you to choose the cheapest hotel once you tell them your destination. Make sure you book your room in advance as the cities are usually crowded with tourists, and it may become a challenge for you to get hold of a vacant room of your choice.

3: Transportation

Once the latter task is done, now comes the part where you have to move around the country to visit awe-inspiring places of Vietnam. You are bound to use all the types of transportation throughout your trip. If you want to move from one major city to another, you can use air transportation. You can book the flights at very affordable prices. You will find airlines like Vietnam Airlines and Skyteam airlines that are reliable and efficient.

If you plan to go along the coast, you can take the train rides over the night. You can book the tickets for the train in advance and also can buy the boarding ticket at the time of your arrival at the train station.

You can also take buses or minibusses that can pick you up from your hotel once you talk to the front desk about the services they give. But when it comes to taxis, you need to be very careful. There is a taxi scam commonly found in Vietnam, so you need to take care of it. Or at most what you can do is avoid taxis and take the other transport means to move around the country.

4: Money  

The essential element of your trip is your money. You have to travel, keeping in mind your budget. Make sure you have enough in your pocket to hit the famous sightseeing spots of Vietnam.​​ The currency of Vietnam is Dong, which is 23,300VND equal to 1USD. You should convert the Indian rupees to Dong before you arrive at Vietnam Airport to make things easy for you right from the spot you put your foot on the land of Vietnam. You can also take your debit card out and use it at various ATMs around the country. Not to mention, the fees, when you take out the money from an ATM, are $5, so make sure you withdraw enough cash on your first trip to the ATM. Additionally, you should remember that there are only paper bills in Vietnam as there are no coins in Vietnam.

Safe travels! Enjoy every bit of your trip to a peaceful country with these tips mentioned above in your mind to have a smooth stay.

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