The Ultimate Travel Guide to Vietnam

I recently visited Vietnam with my friends, and it was a dream vacation, to say the least. If you are thinking of visiting Vietnam on your holiday, then you are definitely in for a memorable experience. Whether it is a beautiful landscape, bustling markets, or mouthwatering food, there is no dearth of things to explore in Vietnam. This is your ultimate travel guide to Vietnam that would help you get a clear overview of this place.

Applying for Vietnam Visa for your Travel

If you want to enter Vietnam, then you must apply for a visa. Thankfully, Vietnam offers a visa on arrival for its visitors; however, you have to apply online for the visa approval letter beforehand then able to pick up your visa on arrival. The process is quite simple that includes-

  1. The first step is applying for your visa approval letter through the Vietnam visa cheap official site – You would receive your approval letter with 2 business days in normal circumstances. In case you need the visa in a shorter time, then you can pay a little extra and get the visa approval letter in 8 or 4 hours.
  2. Once you have acquired your approval letter, take a print of the same to show it to officials at Vietnam international airports. Also, keep at least 2 to 3 passport-sized photos.
  3. Once you have reached Vietnam airport, head straight to the Visa section and provide all the documents at the counter in order to get your visa stamped.
  4. The stamping fee to pick up single entry visa on arrival would cost you USD 25, whereas, for a multiple-entry visa, you would have to pay USD 50. Make sure you carry the money in cash as no other mode of payment is accepted there.

Basic Information about the Country

Situated in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a mesmerizing country that has seen a major surge in tourism in the last couple of years. It is boasted with breathtaking beaches, lush mountains, Buddhist shrines, serene rural villages, and lively cities. Some of the major cities in Vietnam including –

  • Hanoi- One of the busiest cities in the country. Hanoi has a lot of characters that you would leave you intrigued.
  • Halong Bay- It is engulfed with a massive rock foundation. Ensure to take a boat cruise through the bay.
  • Sapa- Known for its homestays and rice terraces, Sapa is sere and striking at its best.
  • Ho Chi Minh City- If you want to visit modern Vietnam, then Ho Chi Minh City is the ideal destination for you.
  • Dalat- A mountain time that has a calmer climate than the rest of Vietnam. It is popular among tourists for its adventurous activities.
  • Hoi An- I am a UNESCO recognized town that is located in the heart of Vietnam. Hoi An is home to historically charming architecture.

The Best Time to Plan Your Trip

The climate of Vietnam changes with regions, so planning your trip based on the weather becomes a bit tricky. However, being aware of the climate is a good thing.

The North of Vietnam-

  • November to April – Summer
  • May to October – Hot and Rainy
  • December and January – Winter

The Southern Region of Vietnam-

  • April to November – Summer
  • June to August – Rainy

Central Vietnam-

  • January to August – Hot and Dry
  • September to November – Rainy Season

June and July are the peak tourist time in Vietnam. This is a time when you will experience pleasant weather that is not such hot and cold weather. However, this is also the time when the rainy season begins, so you can expect rain showers as well.

Times to Avoid Vietnam Travel

Following is the time you should avoid traveling to Vietnam

  • During the New Years

If you are planning a budget trip to Vietnam, they avoid going to the country around TET or New year (February). This is the time when locals would also be traveling around the city, and prices would significantly hike up.

  • During Heavy Rainfall

Avoid visiting Vietnam during heavy rainfall seasons. The rain can get pretty intense in the country, increasing the risk of floods in the street. You could get stuck inside your hotel room; therefore, it is better to skip the plan during the rainy season.

Vietnam is a massive country that has a lot to offer to its visitors. Additionally, it has tons of options for every type of visitor, offering memorable travel experience to everyone alike. If you are on a budget, you can experience Vietnam for as low as USD 25 per day. Make sure you plan your itineraries well before in order to avoid any confusion. This will also help in planning your overall budget for the trip. On the whole, it is a pretty laid back country that has a plethora of characters and flavors to explore. I hope this guide helped you get a glimpse of Vietnam and help you plan your holiday trip in an organized manner.

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