Four Must See Beaches In Vietnam

Vietnam has some of the best beaches in South East Asia and no unforgettable trip to Vietnam is complete without spending at least one day chilling on a beautiful beach, swimming in the blue sea, reading a book on the pure white sand, sunbathing under blue skies, drinking tasty cocktails or ice-cold beers and getting a relaxing, local body massage right by the sea from the comfort of your deck chair. There are also numerous exciting water and adventure sports to get involved in such as scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, parasailing, kitesurfing and surfing. Don’t just believe me, join me for an adventure filled trip to Nha Trang or a relaxing week in Phu Quoc island.
Here are my top Vietnam beaches:

1. Phu Quoc Island (Long Beach)

Phu Quoc island is a truly magical place. It boasts crystal clear water, white sand and a tropical climate. The coast is lined with lush palm trees and tasty coconuts and the sun sets over the crystal clear water so you can actually watch the sun go down in a mixture of reds, yellows and scarlets while drinking wonderful beverages and soaking in the stunning blue waves. There’s plenty of fun activities to keep you going from the amazing snorkelling and jet skiing to enjoying fresh beers at the many beach bars and having beautiful massages down on the clean, white sand.

There’s a mixture of vibrant hotels, fun-filled backpacker hostels and high end resorts which means that everyone will be able to find the perfect spot. North Long beach is much cheaper than South Long Beach which is a lot more upscale. It is best to visit during the high season, which is the dry season, as the fancy resorts and hostels take good care of the beach to make sure it is trash free and sparkling clean.

This beach is the place to be if you like out-of-this world sunsets, amazing secluded spots, top-notch resorts, excellent snorkelling and a great party vibe. There are hundreds of cool bars to choose from as well as classy roof top bars and crazy international events.

2. Nha Trang (Hon Chong, Doc Let beach, Dai Lanh)

Hon Chong beach is the place to go to relax. It has lush, green mountains surrounding its rocky shores and a beautiful beach made of smooth rocks which can be clambered over and explored. You can also do adventure sports here such as snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing and jet skiing. The crystal clear blue waters combined with the phenomenal skyline and stunning mountains make it really magical. There are also a number rustic, historical sites and ancient temples to be visited in the area. This place is very popular with tourists who want to escape the loud cities and enjoy a very relaxing and quiet atmosphere.

To escape the big resorts of Hon Chong, head to Doc Let beach which is about 50km North of Nha Trang and has powdery white sand and crystal clear waters. This beach is a lot less touristy than Hon Chong and allows you to be at one with the fantastic nature- the clear waves and bright sand. You can rent hammocks and sunbeds for relaxing all along this beautiful and mostly deserted beach.

 3. Da Nang – My Khe beach

Known as one of the best beaches in Vietnam, this beach is about 10km long is conveniently located very close to the city centre, with a number of excellent bars and great restaurants running alongside it. It is popular not only with foreigners but with locals also. It’s also very close to the wonderful historic town of Hoi An and other awesome attractions such as the stunning Hai Van Pass and the intriguing Marble Mountain.

Like many beaches in Vietnam, this beach is full of beautiful palm and coconut trees, white powdery sand and shallow, clear blue waters. The atmosphere is extremely calming and relaxing, perfect to get away and enjoy the sunshine. The cute local restaurants and hotels do a great job of keeping this beach clean and rubbish free which is another really great part about this beach. The great waves are big and the water is warm so everyone can enjoy the sea.

4. Mui Ne Beach (Phan Thiet)

Mui Ne is famous for its amazing fishing village at the far end, that boasts clear water, palm trees and multi-coloured boats bobbing up and down, being dragged in and out of the water by local fishermen.
The red and white sand dunes are also one of Mui Ne’s star attractions, as well as the wonderful local temples and ancient ruins that surround the area.

At the other end of the beach there are many fantastic beach front restaurants and cute cafes with spectacular views and a budget to suit everyone. Splash out at one of the many fancy resorts that come with bars, shade and a private pool right on the beach.

Mui Ne is also a kite surfers haven and a great way to spend an afternoon is to sit watching them manoeuvre around the crashing waves and the vibrant sea, flying past each other and making pristine colours in the sky.

Mui Ne has a much more relaxed feel to it than most other big cities in Vietnam but it also hosts really fun bars and great clubs with excellent entertainment, live music and camp fires.
So what are your waiting for? Grab your Visa On Arrival for Vietnam and get to the beach!

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