How can Indians get Vietnam Tourist Visa 2020?

Vietnam is a beautiful and very well avowed destination for westerners in southeast Asia. Oh, wait, are you a southeast Asian? Wait, wait, wait, are you an Indian? Indians’ hot spot for traveling in Vietnam and things are getting very easy if you want to have a tourist visa for Vietnam!

Usually, the visa application is a process that is long and tedious, and sometimes it can be very exhaustive too. But Vietnam Government has made this protracted process a straightforward and easy one for Indian Nationals. This is a guide that will walk you through the necessary information needed if you are an Indian and want to get Vietnam Tourist visa.

Vietnam has a whole lot of things to offer you as the price of going there is cheap, the hosts are friendly, and the landscapes are breathtaking. If you want to have an experience you never want to forget, then Vietnam should be next to your destination to initiate the fun part of your life!

There are various things you should be well-known if you are trying to get a visa for Vietnam.

The visa absolved program offers 16 countries to enter Vietnam without a visa if the stay is not exceeding 30 days, but India does not come under the exemption list. So if you wish to travel to Vietnam, you are required to apply for Vietnam Tourist Visa.

Types Of Vietnam Visa

The Vietnam visa has two categories: Vietnam tourist Visa and Vietnam Business Visa.

The business visa is for the Indian business owners who wish to visit Vietnam for a business trip. No documents are needed for applying a permit for the business as the visa agent will take care of everything, and you can sit back and wait for the visa arrival.

On the other hand, a Tourist visa is promulgated by Vietnam immigration officials, and one can apply for one month or three months, depending on the fun plan you have. You can get this visa in only one day.

How To Get the Vietnam Tourist Visa?

You can now get the visa on arrival, also know as VOA. The visa on arrival is unfurled for 163 countries, and your state is one of them. Two requirements are necessary for VOA:

  • You should have a six months validity on the passport preceding the date of travel
  • You should travel to Vietnam by air

First things, first!

The initial thing that you need to do is get the approval letter to make the process hassle-free. Before departure, you should have a visa approval letter to board on the plane. Now comes the process where you need to apply for the visa.

Coming back to the question!

There are two approaches you can opt to get a visa!

1: Apply online

You need to click on the website to apply for a visa form. Once through, fill in the information and double-check the information. Most importantly, if you are not certain about your travel date, you can put the expected travel date. Select the port of entry and pay via credit card, PayPal, western union, or bank transfer. The mistake that one is accustomed to make is the format of the birth date the arrangement is Month/Date/Year. Make sure to follow the format to avoid any eleventh-hour surprises. You are done here; all you need to do is wait. The wait depends on the process you applied. If you asked for standard processing, you have to wait for two business days. The rush processing and super rush processing take 4 and 8 hours in same day, respectively.

For standard processing, the cost to get the visa approval letter for 1 month single entry (tourist visa) is US$6 (pay online), and then US$25 paying for stamp fee (pay by cash) when you collect your visa on arrival.

On your arrival at the Vietnam International Airport, you have to provide an approval letter, your passport together with two passport photos, and the payment for stamping fee to get hold of the Vietnam Visa.

2: Via a Travel Agent In India 

When applying for a visa via an agent, you need to pay for the service fee and the stamping fee. You are required to go to the Vietnam Embassy and consult the agent who will guide you with all the details. You get your visa in 3 working days.

The stamping process and its importance:

Once you have the approval letter, the stamping process takes twenty to thirty minutes, and you can also get the stamping assistance service if you are not fond of standing in a line or hate waiting. Make sure you have the stamp before you leave the counter or the office of the assistance service or will be in trouble!

You landed safely in Vietnam here! Enjoy your time and take the tour for a beautiful experience.


1: Apply for the tourist visa one week before your expected date of travel

2: Verify every information you put in the application form including your date of birth format

3: Check your passport validity, note that it should be valid for six months.

4: Look for any mistakes as you get your approval letter

5: Get the photocopy of your visa, like three or four copies, and carry with you all the time during your stay to avoid any mishap.

6: Do not forget to sip a coffee at the beach!

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