Your go-to guide for Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians

Vietnam is a popular tourist destination in South East Asia, and I had my plans to visit the country at least once in my lifetime. I am Shalini Kumar, hailing from Mumbai, India, and I love traveling around the world. Till date, I have been to 40 Indian cities, 20 states, and more than 30 countries around the world. When I had my plans for Vietnam, the first thing that hit me – what is the simplest way to get the Vietnam visa for Indians?

Visa procedures are daunting, time-consuming, and tricky. But my thorough research and constant scroll through various websites helped me get the Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians. Read on to know more about Vietnam e-visa for Indians and how you too can your visa on arrival by following some simple rules and keeping a few requirements handy. Take a look!

Where did I hear about visa on arrival for Vietnam?

A lot of my friends travel across the world, and I too love wandering. South East Asian countries can get a bit tricky when it comes to visa procedures. But I made sure that I had enough information before I stepped into a foreign country. I looked through a lot of travel websites and spoke to numerous travel agents who fed me knowledge about visa on arrival for Vietnam and how convenient and easy it was.

Unlike countries like Cambodia and Thailand, Vietnam visa can be obtained only if you travel by air. So, if you want Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians, you need to travel by flight. In case you enter Vietnam via cruise or land, you need to obtain the full visa before you arrive.

Why did I go for visa on arrival?

There are multiple reasons for choosing Vietnam visa on arrival, and three of the most important ones are-

  • It is cost-effective – Unlike most countries, Vietnam visa is cheaper, and visa on arrival comes at a low price. Plus, visa on arrival is relatively less expensive when compared to obtaining the visa through embassy.
  • It is simple and convenient – The entire procedure is quick, easy, and hassle-free. You do not need to send in your passport or require any documents. All the procedures and requirements are taken care of online.
  • It is a faster process – Visa on arrival for Vietnam is a quicker procedure. So if there is an emergency, you can also get the visa approval letter in two to three days only.

How to apply for the Vietnam Visa online

Before you head to applying for the Vietnam visa, make sure that you have the following documents ready. One of my friends had trouble getting the visa as she did not get her documents in hand. When you apply for the visa application process, ensure that you carry-

  • Your original passport. The passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your stay in Vietnam
  • Two passport size photographs. The size specifications are 4x6cm or 2×2 inches
  • Your visa application form, which is the NA1 form that you require for the application of visa at the airports of Vietnam for visa on arrival
  • Stamping fee in cash (US$25 for single entry or US$50 for multiple entries visa)
  • Approval letter, which you will need at the time of arriving at the Vietnam airport for visa on arrival

Visa on arrival is a popular way of getting your visa for Vietnam. Three simple steps need to be followed-

  • Applying online for the approval letter (the agency will send it to your registered email address)
  • Show your approval letter at the Vietnam airport and pay the stamping fee
  • Get your Vietnam visa

Two fees need to be paid for the visa on arrival.

  1. The visa letter fee (fee paid to the agency to get the visa approval letter), which you need to pay during the time of application processing.
  2. Stamping fee, which you will be paying once you arrive at Vietnam airport.

The cost of the visa will vary depending on the agency which you will apply with. Moreover, the visa letter service fee also depends on the type of visa you are applying for and how quickly you need the delivered services.  You should check Vietnam visa fee at this website :

However, the stamping fee is fixed at US$ 25/- for a single entry visa and US$ 50/- for multiple. You can either pay in USD or VND. Make sure to carry cash as there are no ATMs near the customs department. However, the currency may be updated but with advance notice.

The application process for getting the Vietnam visa is simple. You can apply for a visa on arrival for Vietnam by filling out a secure online form. Fill in your details such as name, arrival date, passport number, and payment method.

Once you submit the form, you will get the pre-approved visa letter on your registered Email address after 3 to 5 working days. You need to print the PDF file along with two passport size photographs while entering Vietnam.

So, the next time you are traveling to Vietnam by flight and want to know how to get Vietnam visa on arrival or Vietnam e-visa for Indians, keep this go-to guide handy.

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