Common Mistakes People Make While Applying For Vietnam Visas on Arrival

To get into any country that is not your country of residence, you need a valid Visa for your stay to be legal. This is especially essential for your on-arrival visa; a traveler including tourists and people in business get upon entering Vietnam. These small and common mistakes may cost you your entire visit. Here are some of the mistakes that people commonly make when applying for their on arrival Vietnam Visas.

Typing Errors

These are the most commonly made mistakes when people apply for their visas online. One of the errors is forgetting to type their names in full and only end up with two names rather than three or as in their identification or passports. Filling the Vietnam visa online application requires your names and every other detail in full.

Typing mistakes may not necessarily present entry problems. However, they present a considerable challenge when departing as the details will not match your documents. Therefore, you should ensure that your application has no typing errors.

To prevent such a mistake from occurring in the future, all you have to do is proofread your application. You can also have a third party read and review it on your behalf. This means that you will notice the mistakes and other typos before you submit the application.

Receipt confirmation

Many are the times you receive a receipt without taking a single look at it. It is essential to look at your receipt and the details that feature in it. Besides a successful attempt at applying for your visa online, is a successful statement on your final receipt.

A successful receipt involves online air ticket information that is readily available for you on the receipt. Therefore, do not travel on land via road or train and expect to get an on arrival Vietnam Visa on the border. Therefore, if not traveling by air, get your visa to Vietnam beforehand to avoid being detained and denied access.

This shows the importance of reading all the information on your transport papers, whether they are for a Vietnam visa or not. They give you essential information otherwise left out on other documents. Sometimes, you may forget to submit the application letter, which means no approval mail is sent back. Be sure to check and check again to ensure you send the application form, and the receipt indicates successfully submitted.

Not verifying approval letter information

Errors from the immigration offices can be vital in your aim to travel to Vietnam. You might think that it is impossible; however, errors are unpredictable and can also be as a result of the travel company you are traveling with to the destination. Therefore, we advise you to review and go through all of your documents, including the approval letter.

You might find that your departure and arrival dates do not match. Also, visa periods differ and selecting the one you need ensures that your passport is within the set time limit before expiration which is six months. If your arrival date is on a specific date, let’s say 10th of October, you cannot arrive before that particular date. However, arrivals can be pushed forward for the period of stay indicated in the visa application.

Remember your legal stay in Vietnam begins with the arrival dates indicated on your application. It is not the day that you arrive. If you arrive late with two days means that you have less two days to stay in Vietnam after arrival.

On arrival visa without application

Some individuals think that they receive the on-arrival permit without any requests. They believe the permission works as a train ticket, you get into the station, you are issued with a ticket, and you proceed to your destination. However, this is not the same and is governed by several state rules.

You cannot receive an on arrival visa in Vietnam without having applied for it online beforehand. This may result in flight cancellation and delays of over two working business days as you wait for your approval letter. Besides, remember you have to pay and apply online for your Vietnam Visa.

Easy Vietnam Visa Extensions


Extending your stay in any foreign country has many challenges. First, it is an expensive affair that will cost you a fortune. Also, it is a cumbersome process that consumes a lot of time and at the same time requires a lot of commitment on your part.

So, if planning to stay for a month, it is safe to apply for three months as you never know what might come up. Doing so saves you money, time, and the hustle of applying for a visa extension. Whether or not you are using online, for an on arrival Vietnam visa, be sure to give yourself more time to accomplish all of your activities.


There are many mistakes that may occur on your visa application. The only way to get rid of them is by continuous review of all the travel documents.

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