What to Know When Applying For Your Vietnam Visa

Coming from the US, I was excited to hear that our conference for the end of the year party would be hosted in Vietnam. Having listened to stories and read them on paper in our history books about the Vietnam wars, I was happy to get the chance to review history finally. Like many other first-timers, I went to the embassy to seek the know-how into entering Vietnam.

The first shock was that I needed all of my document to be in order and send my passport to the embassy to receive a visiting visa. From what the media had been spreading and rumors of passports missing and preventing your travel scared me from pursuing that option. The problem was, I had no other choice and was almost giving up.

Online Visa application form on screen. Country Visit permit.

All my colleagues had already made their applications and were awaiting their visas. We only had four days to submit our documentations and a Vietnam Visa at that! I did not see a way out and had already decided to forfeit and not attend the conference and the end of the year party even though they were essential to my career.

The journey presented several benefits for me. I would have the chance to review how business on travel is carried out during the conference. Also, several dignitaries were attending, which would mean an opportunity for a promotion with an excellent presentation business-wise. Above all, all business representatives would be there, meaning that the competition will be high but will be socialization and multicultural aspects that are essential in making a lasting impression. Missing it was not an option.

In our business meeting for the day, a colleague pointed out how easy it was to apply for a Vietnam visa online and receive it upon arrival. I was so shocked that I asked him to repeat the statement. He came up and explained it to me. He even helped me apply for my Visa online. These are the steps we followed:

Filling out the online forms

We got the secure form online and filled out essential information, including my names, passport numbers, nationality, arrival and departure dates, among others. It also provides information on what else you need for your travels to Vietnam. These include:

  • Approval letter.
  • Passport photos at least two.
  • It indicates the amount to be paid on arrival for the Visa.
  • It offers payment options for different services.

Also, it provides a chance to renew your passport, especially if its valid period is below six months. When traveling, Vietnam prefers passports with at least six months before expiration. These see to it that you meet the guidelines otherwise risk not entering the country even after traveling all the way there.

Once you complete the online form, you can now go ahead and submit it. A period of 2-3 working days for the recipient of the Visa is advised. However, if it is an emergency case, i.e. you need medical attention immediately. Then your on arrival Vietnam visa can undergo processing and is released within two to three hours.

Confirmation and making payments

This step is essential in that it allows you to remove or correct any mistakes on your Visa application letter. Any error means that your letter may take longer to be approved and you may not meet the deadlines for the travel. Also, you might not get the approval letter at all, and your visa application may end up being rejected.

The payment fees for your on arrival Visa fees are reasonable. Upfront, you only pay $6 (I apply for 1 month single entry – tourist visa) when making your visa application in a payment method of your choice. On your arrival, you pay an additional $25 for your single visa. The on-arrival visa payment is made in cash.

The information prepares you for the extra amount you have to incur before receiving your on arrival visa stamp. Also, check your passport for enough pages and does not expire in the next six months. If so, have it renewed before travelling to Vietnam.

Receiving the Approval letter

Processing starts immediately after the application is submitted and payments are made. An approval letter is sent within two working days via email. All you have to do is print the approval letter, place it in your passport and put it in an easily reachable place. This is for easier retrieval once in the airport for your on arrival visa.

Finally, Vietnam Visa

Ensure you land in an airport offering on arrival Vietnam visa. Once there, you will have to fill out an entry form. All that is left is to present the approval letter sent online, passports, your pictures or photos with the cash payments for the Visa.


Getting an on arrival Vietnam Visa is simple and easy. All you need is to get your application submitted online, print approval letter, make payments and get your visa stamp on arrival at the airport. Today, I am happy I did so as I not only received a promotion, I happen to have started my venture and now I can visit the country anytime.

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