Vietnam Visa on Arrival For Indians: How Can You Get It?

I can reminiscence the day when I was having a family dinner with my relatives on the occasion of my cousin’s wedding. Well, Indian weddings are usually the right excuse to connect with all the relatives. After the rituals and big reception thing, we could have some private moments with our close relatives. And that is the moment when I came to know about my Vietnam roots from one of my uncles.

I ‘don’t know how I ‘didn’t know about it. My uncle told me about how my grandfather made it India and started his family here. Well, now I have the explanation behind my not-so-India surname.

But from that very day, something changed inside me. I felt an urge to visit Vietnam for once, just to see how it feels like to visit a native place. I instantly felt that I have to go to Vietnam as soon as possible, but the only thing I did not know was the rules related to Vietnam visa for Indians. But in this information-centric era, it’s easy to know about Vietnam visa for Indians. So, I researched and found out the most fantastic thing. There are two things, one that an Indian should know before visiting Vietnam. Vietnam has individual visa facilities for Indians, which Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians and Vietnam e-visa for Indians. Pretty cool, huh!

For me, it was a feasible option as I managed to get only a10 days leave and did not wanted to waste it applying for visa offline or going to the embassy. I know ‘that’s also a swift service. I but preferred getting Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians instead Vietnam e-visa (30 days, single entry & non-refundable at the government website) for Indians. Visa on arrival allow me to get 3 months multiple entries visa & the agency offer me 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied.
So ‘let’s talk about the process

Vietnam Visa on Arrival for Indians

The Vietnam visa application process is easy. But after all, it’s a visa, and one must follow all the protocols for a hassle-free journey. ‘Let’s break all these protocols into some steps.

The Application Form

Now application forms are something that you need to fill up correctly when you are going through any official paperwork. Visa can be considered as one of the essential documentation when it comes to visiting a foreign land. So you need to be particularly careful about that. Think before you start scribbling on that form. If you write anything wrong then ‘that’s going to make some troubles as you land. Anyways, be attentive when you are filling up that form.

Check and recheck all the information before you feel relieved for taking the first step. The information you need to write about is pretty standard, such as your name, your date of birth, nationality, and of course your passport number. You need to write some more info, but these are the basics. You also need to choose what type of visa you want.

The information will help standard ones such as your full name, DOB (date of birth), passport. Now that you are done with the completed application form, it is time to process the payment. It is your Visa service pay. They will provide different payment methods such as Paypal, Gate2Shop, Western Union, and OnePay, apart from the traditional bank transfer one. Choose as you feel like.

You Have Got a Mail

After the application form and the whole payment step, now you need to wait for the mail. ‘That’s the mail you can consider as your Vietnam visa for Indian. It is your Vietnam Visa Approval Letter.
Once you have received the mail, you have a lot of things to do:

First, there will be an entry and exit form with the Visa approval letter. Download all those docs and print them out.

Fill up the entry-and-exit form accordingly.

Now take two passport size photos (4/6cm). Apart from the photos and the form you also need $25 as stamping fee or if its $50 for multiple entries.

Keep the photos, fill up forms, your passport and the many together. And keep it safe somewhere in you are luggage. These are going to get you the Vietnam Visa on arrival. The immigration officer will ask for these things at the airport.

The Final Step

Only the Visa approval letter will allow you to board the plane.

Once you reach Vietnam International Airports (Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh), now its final step, you will be asked for those documents you kept safely for this moment. The officer will go through all the documents and receive the payment. And after that, he or she will get your visa stamped.

‘That’s is how I got my Vietnam Visa. The total hassle-free experience just increased my love for Vietnam and made my journey. I got the opportunity to know my roots. So if you are also planning your visit to Vietnam, you better go for Vietnam e-visa for Indians if you plan to visit Vietnam for less than 30 days with single entry or Vietnam Visa on arrival for Indians if you want to stay more than 30 days or want a multiple entry. Good luck.

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