Vietnam visa for Indians: Things You Should Know

The advantage of a remote working professional is the freedom of traveling. Being an avid traveler, I always had a long list of the places I wanted to visit. And Vietnam was one of them. That list is long enough, and I usually take it as my personal goal. In India, we have a lot of places to keep on that list. But Vietnam is the place that kept attracting me for a long time.

But one thing that was making me postpone my Vietnam dream tour was ‘getting a visa.’ Because I had no idea how to get Vietnam visa or the rules of getting Vietnam visa for Indians. For me, the visa is the most hectic stem one needs to take when going or traveling abroad. One day, I was just talking with one of my friends and sharing my wish to visit Vietnam and why I was so demotivated about the whole thing. Then she told about her cousin who just came back from Vietnam tour, and I came to know how easy it is to get Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians. She also told me about Vietnam e-visa for Indians.

When I came to know about this facility getting Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians, I decided to go for it. I could visit the embassy and could choose the general way. But I wanted to know the way of getting Vietnam visa on arrival and avoid the hassle related to getting the visa. Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians, this whole thing was totally new for me, and I was really intrigued about the matter. May it was also a sort of adventure and experience for me. Apart from that, I was pretty amused to know about such a facility. And this single info increased my urge to visit Vietnam.

How To Get Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

Here I am going to explain how I got my Vietnam Visa on Arrival. The application process is pretty simple and hassle-free. But you must follow the protocols and standard steps to get your Vietnam Visa on arrival.

Start With Application Form

Official documentation can never be completed without filling up an application form. But when it comes to applying for a visa, you need to be extra careful. Because one tiny mistake can spoil your entire trip and you may have to face a lot of harassment. So please be attentive when your application form because all the information you are writing there will be on your visa.

The information will help standard ones such as your full name, DOB (date of birth), passport number and of course nationality. Apart from that, you need to mention your arrival date and arrival airport. You have to choose the visa type as well.

Review the Info and Process the Payment

Your visa will include the information you have given in application form so recheck them to avoid any future complication. Double-checking is always better than extra stress, right!

Now it is time to pay the Visa service pay amount. You can choose any of the following payment modes as per your comfort:

  • PayPal (I chose this one)
  • Western Union
  • Banking Transfer

The Email Phase

Once you have processed the payment for service fee, you will get the official letter or Vietnam Visa Approval Letter. So do check your inbox, and even your junk mail and spam folders as well. Now you have to do some essential things:

You will get the Visa approval letter with entry and exit form. Download that and print out both of the documents.

Take the print out of entry-and-exit form and fill in the form with necessary details.

Now you have to take two passport size photos, which is 4/6cm in dimension. Two copies will be enough. Apart from that you also need a stamping fee which is $25 for single and $50 for multiple entries.

Keep all these necessary things along with your passport and keep it safely in your luggage. You are going to need that to show to the Immigration Officer after you reach Vietnam Airport.

Happy Journey and Getting Vietnam Visa on Arrival (finally!)

Your Visa approval letter will be enough to help you board the plane for Vietnam. Well, I got super excited when I was allowed without any extra interviewing.

After reaching or arriving at Vietnam International Airports, which can be Hanoi or Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh, it is time to present all the safely kept documents in a package. Once you hand over all the things, which are the Visa approval letter, entry-and-exit form, stamping fee, passport, and two passport size photos, the Immigration officer will process your visa and get it stamped.

Now you are all set to explore Vietnam. Getting Vietnam Visa on arrival for Indians is really as simple as I explained. So why are you still thinking? Go and plan your Vietnam Trip.

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