Top 3 Luxury Cruises With Amazing Services That You Should Not Miss While Coming To Ha Long Bay

Mentioning about Vietnam, Ha Long Bay would be probably the first name that you desire to visit while visiting this country. This destination is known as the World Natural Heritage Site which has been recognized by UNESCO. Coming here, it is totally deserved to take your time because of its wonderful landscapes as well as many amazing experiences. In order to feel it to the fullest, choosing a luxury cruise to explore every beautiful moment of Ha Long Bay will be definitely your unforgettable memories. Let’s see 3 below luxury cruises with amazing services that you can consider to experience: 

1. Halong Glory Legend Cruise

“Halong Glory Legend” is known as one of the best cruises for those who desire to enjoy and experience the luxury services with affordable price in Ha Long Bay. It is extremely professional from everything to make sure that your trip will be really relaxing and enjoyable to the fullest.

Staying here, every meal will be served for free with many kinds of food from the professional restaurant system. Fresh seafoods or every food here are probably what you are really expecting to experience – it will definitely make you feel extremely excited and satisfied with a diverse menu made by professional chefs from “Halong Glory Legend” cruise.

This cruise hopes to bring the best things to every guest who will be choosing to stay here and experience the services. Therefore, everything is so amazing and willing to serve you to the best. Look at the photos as below, it actually made many visitors fall in love with its beauty as well as good services.

Let’s imagine: “You come here with someone special, explore a wonderful place as Ha Long Bay, experience a very amazing and luxury cruise with the best services. Every moment here will be kept and make you feel unforgettable”. Therefore, once you took a lot of time to visit Vietnam as well as Ha Long Bay, let’s choose the best services to make your trip extremely memorable.

Address: Tuan Chau port, Ha Long Bay

Phone number: 02033 846 810

Booking channel:

Price: 4.700.000 – 15.000.000 VND/private room for 1 – 4 people or a group as a family with beach views (about 200 – 650 USD). Every meal will be perfectly served for free with a very diverse menu made by professional chefs.

2. Signature Halong Cruise

Vietnam tourism has become much more developed because of not only the wonderful beauty of Ha Long Bay, but also from the contribution of amazing services as “Signature Halong Cruise”. Spending money to get the best things for your trip is totally deserved to experience while choosing this cruise.

In a beautiful day, you wake up early to see and enjoy the sunrise at the middle of the beach. Around you would be a wonderful sightseeing of Ha Long Bay. Everything is ready to serve you and bring amazing things to you, the only thing you can do is just to enjoy and feel it to the fullest.

The services of it are totally deserved with the amount of money you pay. “Honey Moon”, “Special Holiday” or a vacation with your family would be totally suitable with your trip. Nice views, amazing foods, interesting activities are waiting for you to come and experience.

Especially, every meal will be served for free with the special foods made by the chefs of this cruise. You will have a chance to enjoy many fresh seafoods as well as local foods of Ha Long city. Besides that, they also have pick up and drop off service, you can contact them to get the best support whenever you need.

Address: Tuan Chau port, Ha Long Bay

Phone number: 0963 946 786

Booking channel:

Price: 6.000.000 – 15.000.000 VND/private suite for 1 – 4 people (about 260 – 650 USD). Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served for free.

3. UniCharm Cruise 

The last one in this list has to be “UniCharm Cruise” where it makes many visitors fall in love with it as well as bring amazing experiences to their trip. Staying here, you will definitely feel satisfied and have unforgettable moments while exploring Ha Long Bay.

Let’s leave the noise of busy cities, come to Ha Long Bay and experience the best things from “UniCharm cruise”. Every moment will be kept because of its wonderful beauty, amazing services as well as many interesting activities from UniCharm cruise such as riding kayak boat, seeing corals, seeing sunset and sunrise, trying many foods…

Look at the photo as below, you can easily imagine how professional it is to bring the best things to every visitor. Everything here will take you to the paradise of diverse foods made by professional chefs from “UniCharm cruise”.

This place is one of the favorite ones of many visitors because of its amazing services and affordable price. It is totally suitable or even incredible for those who desire to enjoy Ha Long Bay to the fullest. Now is your turn to come and experience.

Address: Tuan Chau port, Ha Long Bay

Phone number: 0981 853 263

Booking channel:

Price: 7.000.000 – 16.000.000 VND/private suite for 1 – 4 people (about 300 – 690 USD). Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served for free.

Ha Long Bay’s beauty really knows the way to attract every visitor and make them fall in love with it. Coming here, you will recognize that this country never stops being beautiful and definitely makes you feel more curious to explore the other places of Vietnam. Especially, choosing a luxury cruise which is suitable with your expense would be so memorable and deserved to experience, let’s come to feel it.