Recommended Cruise For Your Trip While Visiting Ha Long Bay

 Ha Long Bay is known as the World Natural Heritage Site which has been recognized by UNESCO. This place would be your ideal destination while visiting Vietnam. Coming here, you will be diving into the paradise of many wonderful and majestic landscapes as well as many attractive foods. Especially, it would be an amazing experience if you choose to stay in a cruise to see and enjoy the beauty of Ha Long Bay to the fullest. The below recommendation is probably the best cruise with many great services which make you extremely satisfied. Let’s come to experience:

Stellar Of The Seas Cruise – The Best Cruise Bringing Many Amazing Experiences To Your Trip While Visiting Ha Long Bay

If you come to Ha Long Bay to enjoy the best services, “Stellar Of The Seas Cruise” would be a great option to make your trip extremely relaxing and enjoyable. It is known as the favorite one for those who desire to relax with nature, feel the landscapes to the clearest and fullest.

Look at the photos as below, it will probably make you so expected and excited to experience staying here. This luxury cruise has every necessary service which is willing to serve you to the best. Swimming pool, riding kayak boat, seeing corals, seeing sunset and sunrise would be interesting activities which make you really enjoyable while choosing and taking your time with the “Stellar Of The Seas Cruise”.

Let’s imagine: “You will be lying on the sleeping chair, seeing the wonderful and majestic landscapes at the front, feeling the strong wind around you. Besides that, let’s enjoy some drinks and foods served with the professional team of this cruise – it would be a chill experience”. With the amount of money you pay, it is totally deserved.

The services of rooms are perfectly created from the smallest things. There will be probably no complaint from you about their quality. With nice views and best equipment, you will definitely have relaxing and comfortable moments in Ha Long Bay.

There are many options for 2 – 4 people or a small group as a family. Staying here, you don’t need to worry about anything. The only thing you will be needing to do is to be ready and relaxed, everything will be served from A to Z. In order to see the best things of this World Natural Heritage Site, choosing this cruise would be the best choice.

Address: Tuan Chau Marina, Ha Long Bay

Phone number: 02437 713 045

Booking channel:

Price: 7.000.000 – 10.000.000 VND/private suite for 1 person

10.000.000 – 15.000.000 VND/private suite for 2 people

The price included breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will be served for free with many kinds of food in the professional restaurant system.

The beauty of Ha Long Bay will make you feel unforgettable and extremely impressed. Its majestic and wonderful landscapes have been recognized by UNESCO – that makes Vietnamese people so proud of it. If you are going to visit Ha Long Bay, don’t hesitate to choose the “Stellar of The Seas Cruise” to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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