How To Acquire Vietnam Business Visa: A Complete Guide

Vietnam is undoubtedly a land of mystic beauty. Every year, the country is thronged with tourists who visit Vietnam to relish its beauty. Apart from the scenic extravagance, the country is also famous for its working opportunities. People have visited the country to engage in any form of work.

The Vietnamese government has made the visa regulations for foreigners quite simple. It is a blend of two different approaches; online application for the approval letter and offline stamping at the airport. There are more than one type of Vietnam visas, and it depends on the visitor to determine which visa would work for him/her. When it comes to Vietnam visa for Indians who are intending to visit the country for professional work, there are plenty of things to understand.

What is Business Visa?

Business visa means a permit to enter and stay in the country for work purposes. It is issued to the foreigner who intends to work with Vietnamese enterprise or engage in business activity in partner with a Vietnam citizen.

Difference Between Work Permit and Work Visa?

The major difference between Vietnam’s work permit and visa is that a visa is an authorized document that allows you to enter the country, while a work permit is an employment letter provided by the employer.

A foreigner would require a visa to enter the country for the interview, signing the contract, acquiring offer letter, etc., Work permit is further given by the employer if your job tenure is more than three months.

Vietnam Work Visa and Permit Procedures

Acquiring a Vietnam visa for Indians and further applying for the permit can be strenuous for the first visitors. Hence, it is important to understand the procedures rightly before filing up the form. Below are the essential procedures, along with some of the essential things that you should take into consideration.

Workers coming to Vietnam from India have been increased in the past few years, it went to a staggering number of 80,000 workers by the end of 2018. Follow the steps below to acquire a Vietnam business visa:-

Though there are both offline and online methods of application, the online approach is considered more convenient and hassle-free. You need to fill in the form with all the necessary details and wait for the approval letter that will be received within 2-3 business days after application.

When you apply through Embassy/Consulate, you would require presenting the following documents. The document requirement differs from different Embassies.

  • Original copy of your passport having, six months validity at least. Make sure you have enough pages left on your passport else a loose-leaf visa will be offered.
  • Visa application form that will be provided by the Embassy/Consulate.
  • Clearance from the Ministry of Public Security. Your employer or business partner in Vietnam can help you get through this step. All you need to do is provide your personal information, such as name, passport number, type of visa, date of arrival, and Embassy name. Generally, the letter is issued within 6-7 business days.

Visa on Arrival Procedures

If you are looking for a visa on arrival you would need to follow the below steps:-

  • Fill in the visa application form with all your necessary personal information
  • Double-check to detect any errors or omission as it can certainly create issues in the end.
  • Make the payment for application fee in order to process your application.
  • Once you have applied for the visa, you will receive an approval letter within 2-3 business days after the payment has been verified
  • Show the approval letter once you reach any of the Vietnam international Airport including, Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh.
  • Along with the approval letter give two passport-sized photos of yours (4cm x 6cm) and pay the stamping fee to get your visa stamped.

Things To Remember:

  • Service Fee:Fee paid to the visa agent or online website for applying for your visa.
  • Stamping Fee:Fee paid in cash at the time of arrival to Immigration Department for granting the Vietnam visa. You can pay the fee either by cash, USD, or VND currency. The credit payment is not allowed.
  • Passport Validity:Your passport must be valid for at six more months with two blank pages left for stamping.
  • Mode of Travel: make sure that the facility of “visa on approval” is provided to the people traveling via air.

Vietnam is more than its scenic beauty; people visit this easternmost country of Indochina peninsula for work purposes as well. When it is about acquiring Vietnam visa cheap for Indians with the purpose of working, it is important to understand the above-mentioned points in order to avoid any confusion. Whether it is the difference between a work permit and visa or the application process, you need to be acquainted with every little detail of the work visas to make a well-informed decision.

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