All You Need To Know About Vietnam Visas

Travelling gives you the liberty to learn different culture and explore the places you have never been to. Ditching the busy schedules of your lives and visiting a new country once in a year can give you the required serenity. Vietnam is a popular tourist destination that is known for its cultural diversity and scenic beauty. Situated at the eastern corner of Indochina peninsula, Vietnam witnesses a mass of tourists every year.

While traveling is all fun and exciting, traveling without a visa can bring you uncertain troubles. When it comes to Vietnam visa for Indians, people often connect it with the strenuous process and unnecessary waiting. But in reality, visas are an important component that helps you in traveling across countries legally,

What is a Visa?

Visa is an authorized piece of paper granted by the country to a foreigner permitting him/her to enter, stay, and leave the country within the requested duration. It majorly includes the details of the duration of stay, areas that a visa holder is allowed to enter, dates of arrival and departure from the country, etc.

Why is Vietnam Visa Needed?

Brimmed with historical and cultural vivacity, Vietnam is an exotic tourist destination in the world. Highlighting the natural extravagance and panoramic scenery of the country, Vietnam offers a wide range of sightseeing endeavors. Every year the country is brimmed with tourists across the world, making it a most visited peninsular country. Vietnam can undoubtedly tempt you with its beauty, but in order to enter the country, you need to fulfill some official procedures.

Vietnam visa for Indians is required to arrive and depart from any three international Vietnam airports that include Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang. Though there are some countries whose citizens do not have to apply for a visa, Vietnam visa for Indians is essential to enter the country. The visa regulations of Vietnamese government are a blend of two different approaches; online application and offline stamping. Indians have to fill an online form, acquire an approval letter, and showcase it at the airport to get it stamped.

Vietnam Visa Eligibility


Eligibility is one of the important criterions to consider while applying for Vietnam visa. It is important to note that the eligibility and document requirement differs according to the type of visa you intend to apply for.

The type and nature of your visa majorly depend on the purpose of your visit. Hence, it is important to determine why are you planning to visit the country, decide a visa type, and check it’s eligibility criterion before filling up the form. Though there are several types of visas available, below are a few of the common forms you should know about:-

  • Tourists Visa: If you are planning to visit Vietnam with the purpose of exploring the country, then a tourist visa would suffice. Tourist visa is also eligible if you are visiting the country to stay at a Vietnam resident’s house, whether permanently or temporarily.
  • Business Visa: Flying to the country with an aim to earn income, then a work visa would be requiring meeting your needs. Visiting the country for any professional needs, such as business or employment, would need a work visa to stay in the country legally.
  • Transit Visa: Transit visa is quite different from the above-mentioned ones. It is granted for a short period of time, mainly for a few hours or days within a limited area inside Vietnam territory. Transit visa is majorly acquired by people who have a connecting flight or ship with the country.

Vietnam Visa Documents Required

Though the visa application process is quite streamlined by the government, you would need to present some documents to complete the process. The visa-issuing officer needs to check whether all the information mentioned in the approval letter matches the documents provided at the time of arrival. Following are the fundamental document requirements for Vietnam visa.

  • You must be equipped with a duly filled application form that is completed with necessary details and signed.
  • Bring a valid passport (not more than decade-old) that should at least have two blank pages for stamping purposes. No handwritten notes should be there on the passport.
  • Equip yourself with two passport-sized photos (4cm x 6cm).
  • You should bring along the valid permit for return.
  • Must have a cover letter mentioning all the brief detail regarding the nature and purpose of visit.
  • You might need to present your travel itinerary.

Vietnam visa for Indians is essential to travel across the country. Whether you are visiting the country for traveling or working purpose, you would need to acquire a visa with the required time limit mentioned. The above-mentioned were some of the imperative factors you need to know about Vietnam visa. Take each aspect into consideration and leave no scope for mistakes and glitches. Explore the exquisiteness of the country by flying to the country legally and safely with a Vietnam visa.

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