How Much It Cost For 1 Year Vietnam Business Visa For Indian Citizens?

As an Indian citizen, you can able to apply for a 1-year business visa via online applying method. Yes, you can apply for your visa at a local embassy, but it will be a stressful job to applying at the embassy since it’s a tedious process.

Have to visit the embassy, and submit your entire original document, and wait in a long queue. Not only that, your visa approval process will get extended, and the cost will be high since it is a long period visa type.

So, how to apply for your visa easily? And is there any change to apply for a visa via online method?
Yes, you do have. Instead of seeking to apply for 1 year Vietnam business visa type, you can split it, and extend the visa after entering Vietnam. After you reach the visa extension limit, visit India back, and apply for the three months visa type again and do the same for your one year stay in Vietnam.

By doing so, you can also save your money. Also, in some case, the reason why you want to visit Vietnam can end within three months. In such a case, if this three months visa will be the best option. With one year’s visa type, you will end up losing your money for nothing.

Also, for Indian Vietnam provided visa exception.

If you are an APEC business travel cardholder, you are allowed to visit Vietnam and stay for 90 days without cheapest Vietnam visa for Indian citizen.

Also, you want to visit Phu Quoc island in Vietnam, you are allowed to visit without Vietnam visa for 30 days, but you will not be permitted to visit other places in Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa Fee under Visa on Arrival Option

Business Visa on Arrival has totally four visa types. They are,

  • 3 months multiple entries
  • 3 months single entry
  • 1 month multiple entries
  • 1 month single entry

Among this, 3 months multiple entries or 3 months single entry is the visa type that suits your situation well.

With 3 months multiple entries and 3 months single entry visa type, you can visit and stay in Vietnam for 3 months, which means 87 days. Once you reach Vietnam, you can extend another three months. Then as per your need, you can visit India again, and apply for the new visa again.

For this visa type, you will be charged,

  • For 3 months single entry – 95 USD as a service fee
  • For 3 months multiple entries – 100 USD as a service fee

Finally, at the airport, you have to pay 25 USD for 3 months single entry, and 50 USD as a stamp fee.

Final Words

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