How Indians Check Vietnam Visa Approval Letter Processing Status?

Applying for a visa is not a stressful work anymore! The new online visa applying process will take you to the advanced level to apply for a visa without any inconvenience. Yes, with the immigration department’s visa on arrival option you no need to visit the embassy and stand in a long queue for submitting your original certificate to apply for a visa. All you have to do is, fill all the required data, and submit the application by paying the first set cheap Vietnam visa fee for Indian citizen.

Things You Should Do Apply For Your Visa Correctly

  • Choose the right travel agency that has a 100% risk-free website, and offer 100% refund if the application declined.
  • Enquire about the visa type, its cost, and its benefits to finalist the visa type.
  • Collect the information that is required to apply for a visa. (passport number, full name, DOB, visa type, passport nationality, the purpose of visit, visa type, the port of entry, entry and exit date, softcopy of your photo, and the original certificate copy and more)
  • Your passport must be valid for at least six months.
  • Have to apply for a visa in a 100% risk-free website.
  • Fill the application with the accurate and needful data
  • Have to make the first set of cheapest Vietnam visa for Indian citizen via debit or credit card. So, your account should have required money that needed to make a payment for a service fee.
  • Be ready with two passport-size photos (4cm x 6cm) for the visa verification process conducted in your destination international airport in Vietnam.
  • Once you receive your pre-approved visa letter, make it print.
  • At the airport pay the stamp fee with ready cash to get your visa stamped at your passport.

How To Check Vietnam Visa Approval Letter Processing Status?

You can check the Vietnam visa approval letter processing status in two different ways.

Way 1: Send your order Id and passport number to the travel agency where you applied for your visa. The professional will check the status of your visa, and let you know via mail.

Way 2: Simply log in to your account, and know the current status of your process.

  •   If your visa status shows like, underpayment or payment pending, it says, your visa application is waiting for making the payment.
  •   If your visa status shows like, under processor processing, it says, wait for some more time, your visa application is being processed.
  •   If your visa status shows like, completed or finished, it says, your visa got approved, and the visa approved letter is sent via your mail. Please have a look and proceed accordingly.

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