Simple Steps To Apply Cheap Vietnam Visa Online From India

Nowadays, getting a cheap Vietnam visa from India is an easy process. You have three different options to get your Vietnam visa from India. They are through Vietnam embassy, visa on arrival and e-visa. The most common and preferred method is the visa on arrival method.

Why You Need To Apply For Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

  • You don’t need any document to apply online
  • It helps you to avoid waiting in a queue at the embassy
  • You can pick up the Vietnam visa on arrival at the destination airport
  • You have the choice of applying Vietnam visa for 1 month or 3 months with a single entry or multiple entries

How Visa On Arrival Works? – In A Brief

  • You need to fill an online application form and pay online for the service
  • You will get your visa approval letter to your e-mail
  • You have to submit your Vietnam visa approval letter at the destination airport and get it stamped on your passport
  • You need to pay the stamping fee at the airport only by cash

4 Simple Steps For Visa On Arrival – Explained In Detail

First Step – Fill The Application Form

As the first step of the visa processing procedure, you need to fill the online application form to start the process. You have to fill the correct information such us your name, DOB, etc. in the form. You need to pay the service fee in online. The service fee may vary based on various factors.

Second Step – Visa Pre-Approval Letter

After you complete the visa application procedure, you will receive the visa pre-approval letter to your e-mail.

Third Step – Make A Copy Of Visa Approval Letter

Once you receive your visa approval letter, you need to download it or make a hard copy of it and need to submit it on the destination airport.

Fourth Step – Get Stamped Your Visa

You need to produce your visa approval letter at the destination airport to get your visa stamped on the passport. You will be requested to pay the stamping fee for getting your visa stamped on your passport.

Advantages Of Applying For Visa On Arrival

  • Since you are applying visa through online, you no need of taking your original documents.
  • Avoid suffer the long queue at the Vietnam embassy in India.
  • Pick up your visa on arrival at the destination airport.

The service fee for Vietnam visa may vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for. If you are applying for an one month single entry visa, the service fee is 6USD, for one month multiple entries the service fee is 8 USD, for three months single entry the cost is 15 USD and for three months multiple entries, the cost is 20 USD.

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