Vietnam Entry and Exit Facilities for Indian Citizens

Are you an Indian citizen who is looking to apply a cheap Vietnam visa for Indian citizen? Then choose visa on arrival option! Usually, you will have three options to apply for your visa. They are, applying at a local embassy, applying via visa on arrival (travel agency website), and applying through E-visa (travel agency website).

Why Visa on Arrival is the Best Option Among other two Options?

With Visa on arrival option, you can apply for your visa in an affordable way, and in a stress-free way. Also, it is one of the fasted ways to get your visa approved.

Drawback of Applying for Visa at the Local Embassy

Applying for a visa at the embassy is the traditional method of applying visa. Here, you have to visit the embassy with all your original certificates and stand in along queue to get your visa applied.

You can visit the embassy only on the working days. In addition, on the occasion of New Year, Lunar New Year and other public holidays of Vietnam and India, the embassy will be closed. So you can’t apply for a visa during the holiday.

If you miss bringing any of your original certificates to the embassy, you will ask to collect it and get it applied the next day. So, you have to visit the embassy for more days.

You have to collect your visa at the embassy. In a hurry, there is a chance to miss your original documents.
Have to pay the full payment while applying for the visa.

Drawback of Applying for Visa at the Visa on E-visa

If money is not your problem, you can choose this speedy option to apply for your visa. Yes, E-visa is one of the conventions option to apply for your visa, but, the e-visa Vietnam fee for the India citizen will be a little high. Also, with its visa types, you can’t visit Vietnam for multiple times. In addition, you will be charged only if your application gets applied successfully.

Advantage of Applying for Visa via Visa on Arrival

  • Four different types of visa option with single and multi-entry features
  • Can pay the cheapest Vietnam visa fee for Indian citizen in two sections
  • The cheap Vietnam visa fee for Indian citizen will be affordable
  • Can get your visa within two days! If you are in an emergency situation, you can even get your visa within four hours.
  • Can apply at anytime and anywhere! No need to postpone applying for your visa.
  • 100% of your money will be refunded if you dislike the service
  • Also, in case if the government declines your visa application, 100% money-back guaranteed

Applying Vietnam Entry and Exit

Decided to apply for your visa at visa on arrival option? Choose the expert travel agency, and apply for your visa at the 100% risk fee website! Once you receive your visa approval letter, apply the printed Vietnam entry and exit form, and submit it to the immigration officer in your destination airport in Vietnam.

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