What To Eat In Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh City)? Foods You Should Try When Coming To Sai Gon

Ho Chi Minh city is the biggest one in Vietnam. This is also an attractive destination with many local foods and cultural diversity. Coming here, you will be diving into the paradise of foods. Therefore, there are many foods to experience that you should not miss as the below recommendations: 

Com Tam – Broken Rice 

Com Tam is the most common local food of Saigonese. This kind of food is easily found everywhere on the street as well as in the restaurants.

The main ingredients are broken rice, pork, pickle, tomato, cucumber, local fish sauce… The photo as below looks so delicious and its real taste is very amazing. Let’s experience to know why many local people love it as a traditional food.


  • Com Tam “Cali”
  • Address: 32 Nguyen Trai street, district 1, Ho Chi Minh city
  • 48 Nguyen Hue street, district 1, Ho Chi Minh city

Banh Mi – Bread

Coming to Sai Gon, the most special food that you should not miss is Banh mi. The below photo is probably strange with you. That’s why it was getting more popular for not only Vietnamese people, but also many foreigners in the world while visiting Sai Gon.

The ingredients inside is pork, cucumber, pickle, pate… It is very tasty and attractive. This is one of street foods beloved by many local people, so let’s try and feel it.


  • Banh Mi “Huynh Hoa”
  • Address: 26 Le Thi Rieng street, district 1, Ho Chi Minh city

Pho – Beef Noodle

Pho is the national food which is mentioned about Vietnam. It is not only famous in Vietnam, but also popular in many countries in the world. Coming to Vietnam, it would be definitely amazing to try its real taste.

The main ingredients are beef, some kinds of vegetable, soy sauce, chili sauce… You may try Pho somewhere in Vietnam, but the taste of each region is very different. Let’s try and feel it in Sai Gon.


  • Pho “Le”
  • Address: 415 Nguyen Trai street, district 5, Ho Chi Minh city.

Bun Mam – Vietnamese Seafood Gumbo Recipe 

This special food is from Mekong Delta and very famous in Sai Gon. Its taste is very different with Pho, Broken Rice, Banh Mi…

It is quite smelly, so it would be a little hard for those who are not used to its taste. But if you are used to it, you will definitely love it a lot.

The main ingredients are noodle, gumbo, shrimp, fish, some kinds of vegetable… Don’t miss it while coming to Sai Gon.


  • Bun Mam “Mien Tay”
  • Address: 29 Nguyen Thien Thuat street, district 3, Ho Chi Minh city.

Goi Cuon – Spring Roll 

Look at the photo as below, Goi Cuon looks so healthy and attractive. The most important thing to make it delicious is the fish sauce, anchovy sauce or soy sauce. You just need to use it with the kind of sauce that you choose.

The main ingredients are shrimp, pork, salad, noodle… Its taste is very amazing, you may love and try it a lot.

Goi Cuon is available everywhere, you will easily find it in many restaurants or Ben Thanh market.

Banh Xeo – Vietnamese Crepe

One more special food that you should not miss is Banh Xeo. This kind of food is very famous everywhere in Vietnam. Each region has its own taste, you will be attracted to try it in Sai Gon.

The main ingredients are shrimp, pork, some kinds of vegetable, fish sauce…

Banh Xeo is one of the favorite foods in Sai Gon, so you will easily find it in many restaurants.


  • Banh Xeo “An La Ghien”
  • Address: 74 Suong Nguyet Anh street, district 1, Ho Chi Minh city.

Banh Canh Cua – Crab Noodle 

Banh Canh Cua is one of the special noodle soups in Sai Gon. Besides Bun Mam, Pho… The main ingredients are crab meat, noodle, shrimp…

Each kind of food in Sai Gon is not similar, Banh Canh Cua also has its own special taste and makes everyone love it a lot.

It is not easy to find a good place to try it, because it is not too popular as others.


  • Banh Canh Cua 14
  • Address: 215 Tran Binh Trong street, ward 3, district 5, Ho Chi Minh city.

Banh Trang Tron – Mixed Rice Paper 

Besides many traditional foods in Sai Gon, there will be a street food which is very common and special in this city – Banh Trang Tron (mixed rice paper).

The main ingredients are rice paper, mango, vegetable, egg, oil, salt, chili…. It is very tasty and attractive. You will easily find it everywhere on the streets. If you are not afraid of street foods like this, let’s try to look for it somewhere and experience.

If not, you can go to this address and buy:

Banh Trang Tron “Chu Vien” – 38 Nguyen Thuong Hien street, ward 5, district 3, Ho Chi Minh city.

In addition, if you are planning to visit somewhere in Sai Gon, search about how to apply for Vietnam visa… you can go to our website to get more information.

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