How To Use Transportation To Visit Attractions In Da Nang? 

In Da Nang, there are so many attractive places to give a visit as well as many local foods that you should try. For the traffic in this city, which transportation is the best to make it easier to experience everything? 

Take a motorbike 

Da Nang is not a big city, so taking a motorbike is so interesting for those who desire to explore this beautiful city themselves, and it isn’t too difficult for those who are not used to driving motorbike.

The traffic is not busy like Ho Chi Minh or Ha Noi city, so it would be extremely interesting to visit everywhere yourself. Especially, let’s try driving to Hai Van pass to see the overview of Da Nang city and the majestic nature of mountains – it looks so exciting.

You can ask the reception at your accommodation for renting a motorbike. You will be needing to leave your passport here and do the payment when you check out.

Take a grab

If you don’t want to take a motorbike and drive yourself, you can also sit on the motorbike with the driver. You should download grab app to use transportation in Da Nang.

In case you are going to take a car, grab can also provide it for you.

The price will be shown in the app, you just need to follow the driver and pay for it in cash after dropping you off.

In addition, grab also has food delivery service. You can order some foods through grab app.

Take a taxi 

If you are not used to using grab, you can easily take a taxi everywhere on the street. The price is more expensive than other transportations (15.000 VND/km).

Take an electric car 

Da Nang just opened electric car system recently. All tourists and local people can get on the car and come to some attractive destinations. Especially, you should use this kind of transportation to go around Da Nang at night because this city is very beautiful at night.

In addition, you can also access our website to see more information about where to go in Da Nang, what to eat, how to apply for Vietnam visa to enter Da Nang, etc.

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