How To Use Transportation In Nha Trang City?

Nha Trang city is one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam. There are many things to see, so you may need to know how to use transportation to visit everywhere effectively. Let’s see the below recommendations: 

Take a motorbike 

The easiest and most convenient way is to take a motorbike to visit wherever you want. The traffic in this city is not too busy, so it’s still suitable and safe for those who are used to as well as not used to driving motorbike.

You can ask the reception at your accommodation for renting a motorbike. This service is usually available in many hostels or homestays with cheap price which is only from 100.000 – 150.000 VND/day (4-7 USD).

If motorbike service is not available here, you can ask the reception to know how to rent a motorbike outside. This service usually delivers motorbike to guests directly, so don’t need to go there and rent it.

Take a bicycle 

Nha Trang is a beautiful beach city, so it would be interesting to ride a bicycle by yourself to visit around the city and along the beaches. Especially, let’s experience to ride it and explore the local life at night, it is more convenient and interesting than taking a motorbike.

You can ask the reception for renting a bicycle or take their favor to rent a bicycle outside.

Take a taxi 

In addition, if you are going to visit somewhere far away, taking a taxi would be a suitable choice. It is definitely cheaper for a small group.

In Nha Trang city, you will easily take a taxi everywhere on the street. The price is about 15.000 VND/km.

Take a grab car or grab motorbike 

If you are not used to using transportation, you can consider to use grab which is the most common transportation app in Vietnam. You can download it via website and create an account to use it.

With grab, you can choose grab bike or grab car (4-seat and 7-seat car) which depend on your need. The price will be shown in the app, you will just have to follow and pay for it in cash after dropping you off.  Especially, the price of grab is cheaper than taxi.

If you are planning about where to go, what to eat in Nha Trang, how to apply for Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam, etc. you can go to our website to see more information.

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