Reasons why you might not like Vietnam

Are you having your doubts about whether or not you should travel to Vietnam? Then have a look at this list of reasons why you might not like Vietnam.

You don’t like exotic environments

Vietnam is a tropical destination because of its many beaches, jungles and waterfalls the country has to offer. If you don’t really enjoy laying on the beach, you might not find Vietnam very interesting. However, there’s so much more in Vietnam to do than just go to the beach. There’s huge metropole cities such as Ho Chi Minh City and the capital city Hanoi. Vietnam is also filled with charming towns such as Hoi An and Hue.

You don’t like it when it’s too touristy

To be completely honest, Vietnam has gotten quite touristy. Although it’s not quite as “bad” as Thailand, you’ll still find it much more touristy than let’s say, other parts of Asia such as Taiwan for example. Vietnam has become a very popular tourist destination and you can understand why so many people love it here. It’s safe, comfortable to travel around in and incredibly beautiful. It also helps that it’s very affordable. But even if you don’t like the huge tourist crowds, there’s always ways to avoid them. There are still many places in Vietnam where you can go to and feel like you’re only amongst locals. Hai Phong is one example, the harbour city between Hanoi and Halong Bay. It’s often overseen by tourists and therefore is almost completely unexposed to tourism.

You don’t like it when it’s messy

Vietnam can get pretty messy and chaotic. So if you don’t like these types of environments, it can be quite difficult for you to travel around Vietnam. But a lot of people like this type of mess, so if you’ve never been in this type of environment before, you don’t know if you might like it. A lot of people like Vietnam because it’s so lively, the streets are always filled with people and even the thousands of motorbikes on the streets become a familiar sight.

You don’t like good food

But really though, who doesn’t love Vietnamese food? You’re surrounded by amazing food everywhere you go in Vietnam. There’s tons of local cuisine that you should try when you’re traveling in Vietnam such as pho, banh mi and spring rolls. But if, or when, you get tired of local food, you can always find plenty of international cuisine, especially in the bigger cities. Are you in the mood for Mexican? You got it. Perhaps you prefer Italian? There are plenty of pizza and pasta restaurants you can find. Quite frankly, there’s so much good food in Vietnam here that that alone is a good reason to travel here.

You don’t like it when it’s too easy to travel around

Some people love a good challenge, and although it’s not a piece of cake to travel around in Vietnam, it has become increasingly better since tourism boomed. Vietnam is a very travel friendly country to go to and sometimes it feels like everything has been made for travelers. You can find hostels or other kinds of accommodation almost in every city, town and even village you pass by. Transportation is also really easy to find and most buses and trains go to every popular stop. Nowadays, the locals have also improved their English knowledge so it’s widely spoken in the cities. If you enter a restaurant, chances are, the staff speaks at least a bit of English.

You hate coffee

Coffee is one of the main exports of Vietnam and you can tell that the locals are coffee experts. There’s tons of cafés everywhere in Vietnam which serves some of the best coffee you’ll ever have. But if you’re not a huge coffee fan, this might not appeal to you as much as it does to coffee lovers. The good thing is that there’s so much more to drink in Vietnam. Tea is also hugely popular and you can get it in every café. You should try some local drinks too though such as sugarcane juice and fresh coconut juice.  It’s delicious, especially after a long day in the sun!

You’re not a big party person

You can always avoid parties, but if you’re planning on backpacking in Vietnam and wants to stay in budget hostels, then do prepare for the fact that there’s probably going to be a few pub crawls and loud, drunk people. Most of the hostels encourages the parties too. But like I said, you can avoid the parties by checking into hostels that are not known for parties for example. Sometimes, you have to pay a few extra dollars to stay in a private room, but it’s definitely worth the money if you’re not in the mood to party or just want to be alone.

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