Where To Do Your Grocery Shopping in Hanoi

Going to a supermarket or grocery store is probably not on the list of top things to do for tourists in Hanoi. But if you want to save money on your Vietnam trip, going to the supermarket would be a big help. Most of the time, the goods being sold at the supermarkets are cheaper than those that are in the tourist markets and bazaars. Also, if you happen to stay in a place that has a kitchen, a trip to the grocery store can save you lots of money on food.  This is also where you can buy affordable toiletries and everything else that you forgot to bring on your trip.  So here’s where you can shop for grocery items during your trip to Hanoi.

Big C Supercenter

The Big C Supercenter has 36 branches all over Vietnam and is one of the biggest shopping centers in the country. In Hanoi, you’ll find a number of Big C Supercenter branches, including in the city center. They operate as a hypermarket, selling everything, from meat, rice, fruits, vegetables, snacks, biscuits, milk, sugar, spices, cooking oil, confectionery, coffee, fish sauce, and all kinds of grocery items. Most of the items that are being sold here are made in Vietnam.

Known for their motto, “price is always low”, the products in Big C are indeed very affordable. The goal of the company is to make it easier for their customers to manage their spending while being able to fulfill their increasing needs for household goods. Big C has been focusing on serving end customers through wholesale and retailing and 50% of their fresh products are locally sourced in order to support the local farmers and suppliers.

The Oasis Grocery Store Hanoi

If you’re looking for International brands of grocery items, check out the Oasis Grocery Store. Owned by an Italian expat Marco Sarli, The Oasis Grocery Store is one of the biggest grocery stores and gourmet shops in Vietnam’s capital city. Currently, the store has three branches in Hanoi, which include a bakery, butcher shop, and a gourmet store.

The Oasis Grocery Store sells a wide selection of fresh cheeses and cold cuts. You’ll also find different kinds of pasta, from lasagna, ravioli, and all sorts of homemade pasta. There are also sauces, focaccia pizza, freshly baked bread, sausages, and pretty much everything Italian. This is also a good place to shop for organic fruits, vegetables, and meat. They also have a good selection of Italian wines and some local and imported alcoholic drinks.

Aside from imported goods, The Oasis Grocery Store also sells locally sourced products. They even have a good range of homemade Italian meals. What’s great is that they deliver to homes and offices and their staffs are very professional and friendly.

L’s Place Foodmart

Another food store in Hanoi that delivers to customers is the L’s Place Foodmart. The L’s Place is a chain of convenience stores in Hanoi that sells a wide range of high-quality household and grocery items. This store was established by Mrs. Đặng Thị Loan in the 1980s when there was a limited supply of western food products for the expat communities in the country.  It started as a small corner store near the diplomatic quarter in Van Phuc, and eventually, L’s Place has expanded into a huge network of stores that you will find a branch in almost every district of the city.

Known for their motto, “Come to L’s Place, find whatever you need”, you will certainly everything that you will need in this store. In fact, this store is not only a popular shopping destination for the expat and foreign tourists but also the locals as well. They offer door-to-door deliveries to anywhere in the city with no minimum cost. In fact, they also deliver to other cities in the country, except for fresh and frozen products.

Hanoi Gourmet

For imported wine, chocolates, and other grocery products, the Hanoi Gourmet would be a great place to check out. Located in Ham Long Street, this store was established in 1997 and later on expanded into a dining place that serves International dishes and wine.

Hanoi Gourmet sells a wide range of the finest imported cheeses and wines, as well as deli products. They also sell imported biscuits, chocolates, cereals, jams, sauces, and more. The store is designed to reflect a Tuscan/Italian style. On the first floor, there’s a retail area and a seating area where customers can order light meals, coffee, and wine. At the second floor is a bistro with a wine cellar style of dining. There’s an indoor dining area on the third floor and outdoor dining at the patio.

Although Hanoi Gourmet is a retail store that sells a wide range of imported products, they also specialize in serving delicious International meals based on hams, sausages, and salads. Their meals are served with a good selection of imported wines.

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