Types of Seafood Prepared By the Vietnamese

One of the reasons that make Vietnam appealing to tourists all over the world is the breathtaking natural landscapes and beaches. UNESCO has listed some World Heritage Sites in the country where tourists flock to explore the fantastic natural features and have the opportunity to learn. Vietnam also has a rich history where you will have a chance to learn about the country’s journey towards independence. You should schedule your Vietnam tour to come and experience the rich culture of the Vietnamese.

Vietnamese are recognized for their welcoming and friendly nature towards the visitors who tour their regions. You will have an amazing cultural interaction and the experience of a lifetime interacting with the locals and spending a night in one of the homestays. Vietnamese value visitors and you will have an opportunity to enjoy some of their tasty foods. During your visit, you can request to be taught about how to prepare some of their meals.

Your Vietnam tour cannot be complete without enjoying the seafood prepared by Vietnamese in various parts of the country. This guide will help you to know where to visit to find seafood. Vietnamese prepare the following types of seafood.

Snail dishes

Have you ever had a taste of snails in your lifetime? If your answer is no, you should plan to visit Vietnam as soon as possible to experience the delicious snail dishes prepared by the Vietnamese. Snails of different sizes are obtained from Vietnam’s fresh water sources. Some of the possible snail delicacies you can enjoy eating include a snail dish served with morning glory vegetables or snails prepared in the coconut milk. Vietnamese are known for their professionalism in making the snail dishes. You will enjoy the delicious snail meal served which will prompt you to ask for more. Snail dishes are served in various regions of Vietnam in restaurants and local food joints. Some of these regions include Cat Ba Island market and Vinh Khanh Street in Saigon. Snail eating is part of the Vietnamese culture.

Shellfish dishes

Vietnamese also prepare shellfish dishes, and you can enjoy some of the best delicacies prepared by them. Shellfish are obtained in Vietnam’s water sources. During your Vietnam’s tour, you can order the shellfish dish in restaurants and local food joints in Vietnam coastal towns. The shellfish can be steamed with chili and lemongrass and served with other food.

Oysters and clams

You should visit Vietnam to enjoy a variety of seafood dishes offered by the Vietnamese. Oysters and clams are also part of the seafood prepared by the Vietnamese. One of the areas famously known for the oyster’s dish in Vietnam is Da Nang. You will find many restaurants that make this meal and offer at an affordable price.

Octopus, crab and shrimp dishes

If you have never eaten a specially cooked octopus, a Vietnam tour will expose you to the fantastic experience of octopus delicacies. Your Vietnam tour in Cat Ba Island will offer you a chance to interact with the locals and participate in their fishing activities. Octopus and other crustaceans such as the crabs and shrimps are found in the water sources in Vietnam. The coastal areas of Vietnam are famous for their supply of seafood. You will find shrimp and crab claws dishes steamed with other ingredients.

You should visit Vietnam to enjoy the unique seafood dishes prepared by the Vietnamese. You will experience some of the delicious meals you have never eaten in your lifetime.

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