Experience Breathtaking Agri-Tourism In Vietnam

Vietnam is an agricultural based country with over 60 percent of the population relying on the farm sector for their livelihood. Lots of people come to Vietnam to learn about the incredible agricultural resource endowments in the region. If you are an admirer of agri-tourism, a Vietnam trip will serve you the right purpose. There are various regions within the country where you can have an exciting experience in the fields. This guide gives you some recommendations on where to go to have a fantastic experience in your agri-tourism trip to Vietnam.

Breathtaking Locations That Will Thrill Your Agri-tourism Experience in Vietnam

Hoi An Region- [Fishing]

Vietnam is endowed with various natural water bodies that contain fish. Your Vietnam travel experience will not be complete without taking part in fishing activities. Cam Thanh water Coconut village in Hoi An is one of the best fishing grounds suitable for you. You will learn about the casting of nets, crab hunting, basket boat rowing among other fishing activities. Experienced Vietnamese fishers will equip you with fishing skills and show you how to navigate in water by use of boats.

Mekong Delta- [rice farming and Fish farming]

Mekong Delta region is famous for its rice productivity in the country. You will have an opportunity to observe breathtaking rice paddies in the province and have a chance to learn about rice growing. You should consult the professional farmers you see around that area who will explain to you the requirements for rice farming.

You should visit the region to learn about the amazing culture of the people living here and their main economic activities. One of their means of subsistence is fishing. If you visit the region, you will have the chance to interact with the friendly locals who will show you how to extract fish from water using the nets. You will also learn how to make fish food.

Buon Me Thuot- [coffee farming]

Buon Me Thuot region is a coffee producing center and contributes mainly to the total coffee production in the country. If you would like to meet coffee farmers and specialists, come to Buon Me Thuot to learn about coffee planting and processing processes. You will get a fantastic experience and be welcomed with a cup of coffee to drink.You will get to know the reason coffee is a significant beverage in Vietnam.

Da Lat city – [High–tech agriculture]

If you are passionate about agriculture and would love to learn about the usage of technology in the field, Da Lat City is the perfect place for you. Some of the areas in the City frequented by tourists include Thai Phien flower village. The village is known for the production of high-quality flowers that attract many tourists. The city is also known for its vegetable farms and strawberries.

If you love learning about the use of technology in agricultural production, Da Lat City will be the right place for you. Da Lat City has suitable soils for the growth of a variety of crops such as fruits, vegetables, and coffee. You will enjoy consuming sweet fruits from the city and have a fantastic experience interacting with professional agriculturalists found in that region.

Hanoi – Vegetable farming

In the outskirts of Hanoi town, you will find some villages with locals who practice horticulture. You will be welcomed to take part in farming practices such as weeding which you will find thrilling. You can use the opportunity to learn from the Vietnamese how the different vegetables are grown.

Ha Long bay – Pearl farming

Halong Bay, the must see in Vietnam, where every traveler wish to visit at least once during their trip to this pretty country disclose a lot of beauty and secret. The Mother Nature blesses this bay not only magnificent geological creature, breathtaking scenery but also precious natural products, the most famous of which is Halong’s pearls.

You have to visit Ha Long bay by night cruise (stay 1 or 2 night on cruise) to reach pearl farm in Ha Long bay. The pearl farm is located in an isolated water area named Tung Sau, surrounded by undulating limestone islands. The pearl growing and handicraft system has been based on Vietnamese traditional experience and Japanese technology.

Visiting pearl farm, tourists witness the whole process to make a valuable pearl and expensive jewelry from the first step of growing and harvesting pearl from Halong Bay. Most of them are very surprised by the magical process to create the beautiful jewelry from the skillful hands of artisans. This is really a very interesting visit because not many people understand how the white and bright pearls are created. There are cages growing oysters in the water. Locals have many secret experiences in growing the oysters to have big and round pearls.

Tourists can even observe the artisans working on their pearls after they are harvested from the water. They do sophisticated technique with their many specialized tools to create a perfect pearl. All are handmade in very intricate level. When watching the complete pearls in the same size, we cannot recognize the raw pearls when they are in the oysters anymore.

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