Exploring The Floating Village Of Tan Lap In Long An

Have you been planning to take the floating market tour to Tan Lap tourist area? Worry not because we’ll explore this floating village.

Tan Lap floating village has recently become a popular destination for those taking a Mekong Delta tour. Think of an evergreen mangrove forest, secret paths into a jungle, remarkable natural setting of lotus fields and cajeput forests. Think of a peaceful and tranquil environment from the hustle and bustle of city life.

You can get all these and more bundled up in one place by exploring the floating village of Tan Lap in Long An.

Where is Tan Lap Floating Village?

Tan Lap Floating Village is in the commune of Moc Hoa to the south of Long An province. It’s over 100 kilometers west of Ho Chi Minh City. It covers a vast wild wetland inLong An province and next to Dong Thap Muoi. Both areas link up to form a massive stretch of thousands of hectares together with Vam Co Tay River.

The main attraction here is the unique nature it provides, that of massive cajeput forests and lotus fields, rice fields and water lily ponds. It’s home to hundreds of fish, bird and amphibian species contributing to Mekong Delta’s diverse ecosystem.

How to Get to Tan Lap Floating Village

You can get to Tan Lap Floating village from Ho Chi Minh city in two ways, by:

1. Car or Motorbike

    You can quickly get to Tan Lap Floating Village by car or motorbike. You go through a 25-mile (40 kilometers) Highway 1A (QL1A) then take a 37-mile(60 kilometers) Highway 62 (QL62)

    On the left-hand side; you’ll find the village.

    2. Buses

      One of the ways to access the village from Binh Thanh district is by bus. You’ll go through the following routes to Tan Lap.

      To arrive at Cho Lon station, you’ll take a 30-minute ride by bus. From there, you’ll go for a one-hour drive to Long An station by bus 628. Then, travel for about a one and half hour ride from the station to the floating village.

      Once you arrive at Tan Lap Floating Village, you’ll have to pay for the admission fee. This payment can either be by cash or credit card. Once acquiring the ticket, be sure to have it at hand. Checking of the tickets happens at various stop points.

      The fee includes the lunch buffet, a 30-minute boat ride through the river and Melaleuca Forest and a walk through the Floating Village.

      What activities can you do in Tan Lap Village?

      👉 Boat Riding through the Melaleuca Forest

      The peaceful 30-minute drift through the waters, to the unknown of what lurking beneath the surface, makes this trip more interesting. You’ll have to wear life jackets and conical hats available for all ages.

      The white tree stumps, the beautiful cover of by the leafy foliage and the lovely scenery will stun you. The underwater cable is also open to visitors.

      👉 Strolling through the Melaleuca Forest

      You can walk through the 5-kilometermelaleuca forest. It is one of the best things to do in Mekong Delta. You get to stroll on a one-meter path made of cement.

      As you walk through the fullmoss-covered path, the green tree shadows will bring a feeling of hopping into a wonderland. It’s peaceful and tranquil that’ll ease your mind, fatigue,and stress of life.

      👉 Taking Photos of the Lotus Fields

      A visit to the south of Vietnam isn’t complete without a tour to the lotus field in Tan Lap. It has such a subtle appeal to the eye at first glance, that’ll easily steal a visitor’s heart. Blooming of the lotus starts in the flooding season between July and October.

      The vast dotted green area is with pink blooming lotus, white storks and the amazing lotus field. It ekes out an endless inspiration for a photography fanatic.

      👉 Playing Games

      There’s a traditional games section as you cross a bridge. You’ll find a variety of balancing games like walking across wooden planks and swings.

      Moreover, you can play duck chasing at a small fee.

      👉 Visiting the Observation Tower

      Visiting the observation tower is the main highlight for people visiting the floating village. The 38-meter tower is like as a fire watchtower for putting out a fire. Climbing into the tower’s observatory deck will give you a panoramic aerial view of the whole village, and beyond. It’s a 5-story stairway that’ll let you see the extensive greenery over a wide area.

      👉 Enjoying the lunch Buffet

      As part of the admission fare, you get to enjoy a lunch buffet to curb your hunger at ‘’Buffet Nam Bo’’ open-air restaurant. You can serve your lunch from 10.30 am to 2.30 pm. When getting to the restaurant, you receive a wrist band. Before taking a walk, you could enjoy some of their delicacies on offer. Lots of treats are provided such as grilled snails, frogs, snake soup, simmered pot fish, sizzling pancake, veggies, mango salad,etc.

      👉 Accommodations

      There’re some accommodations to choose from in the area. However, for a better experience, it’d be ideal to set up tents in the forest or stay at a local’s house.

      Alternatively, you could stay at Tan Lap Floating Village Hotel at an affordable fee. It’s near the boat ride area.

      The serene atmosphere, the stunning beauty of the cajeput forest and lotus fields makes Tan Lap Floating Village the highlight of the Mekong Delta travel adventure. Visitors get to discover the unique greenery of the forest, local cuisines, andimmersion to the tranquility that it offers. You’ll have an unforgettable trip.

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