How to avoid the crowds in popular places

When we travel somewhere, we tend to look for the most popular places to visit in that specific city or place. We don’t visit Paris without going to the Eiffel Tower or New York without getting a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty. But when a place becomes uber popular, there will be a huge crowd there. And as the international tourism arrivals are predicted to reach 1.8 billion by the year 2030, it’ll be even harder to avoid the crowds. But thankfully, there are ways you can avoid the worst crowds. Take a look!

Don’t go during high season

One of the best ways to avoid the crowds is to go during low season. Another advantage of this is that the prices are lower. It might be difficult to avoid peak season though if you have obligations at home such as work and can only take your vacation during certain weeks in the year. But if you do have the opportunity to be flexible with your schedule, always go when it’s low season. You won’t be alone, but you’ll at least avoid the biggest crowds. Do your research before you arrive to a country and see when their peak season is. For example, in Vietnam, for international tourists the high season starts from March to May and October to December. But for locals, their tourist season starts during the summer months when they’re off from work.

Get there late or early

If you want to go to a famous landmark where you know you’ll see a ton of people, it’s always best to either start very early in the morning or later during the day, almost when they’re closing. The crowds tend to be smaller first thing in the morning because not everyone wants to wake up at 5 am. But if you’re not a morning person, you could also get there later in the day, when the bigger crowds have already been there and are leaving.

Don’t visit during the weekends

The weekends are always crammed with people because that’s when most locals can also travel. So if you want to visit for example Halong Bay in Vietnam, it’s always better to go during the weekdays. You might still be stuck with the international travelers, but at least it won’t be the locals as well. Plan your tour well and go during the weekdays.

Get off the beaten track

Not only is this a fantastic way for you to discover something new about the country you’re in, it’s also a way for you to avoid the crowds. Popular sites attract tourists, that’s a given, but if you choose to get off the beaten track and visit places that are less popular, you might even find yourself having that place all to yourself! You’ll also get to experience the country’s culture as sa local, not as a tourist. So don’t be afraid to venture out a bit outside of the tourist paths.

Adjust your meal times

If you always eat during the most popular hours, you’ll be sure to have to wait for a longer time in restaurants. Sometimes you might not even get a spot! And that’s really annoying when you’re 1. super hungry and 2. tired. But if you adjust your meal times and eat perhaps an hour before the crowds arrive, you’ll be sure to get a table and won’t get “hangry” (hungry angry).

Stay a bit outside the tourist areas

Rent an AirBnB, stay a bit outside the tourist areas and get to know a local area. Not only is this usually cheaper, you’ll also get a glimpse of the local life and how they live.

Try new destinations

Don’t go to Thailand and expect it to not be touristy. If you really want to travel to a place that doesn’t have big crowds of tourists, then try a new destination that’s not very well known. For example, Vietnam least visited place and probably the most affordable as well. It’s definitely worth going to countries that doesn’t have a lot of tourists in order to both avoid the crowds and get to see something different.

… Or if you really insist on going to very popular places and you have to go during high season, just take it as it is. It will be crowded, you might not get that perfect picture because there’s too many people in the photo, but it’s still usually worth it. So have fun with it, do the best of the situation and enjoy your vacation! Because that’s the most important thing when we travel – to have fun. With or without the crowds.

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