5 powerful reasons why you should travel

1. Traveling will challenge you

Perhaps you feel stuck in a rut or yearning for something new and exciting to happen in your life. You might be seeing everyone’s traveling photos and you’re sitting in the office wishing it was you. Well, it certainly can be! If you’re craving new challenges in your life, you should definitely consider traveling. It’ll push you to your limit at times and get you outside of your comfort zone, but that’s also how you’ll grow more as a person. You’ll discover new sides of yourself that you perhaps didn’t know you had, you’ll discover how resourceful you are when you’re exposed to new experiences, people and places. It could just be something like ordering a meal when you don’t know the language or trying to get a cab in a foreign city (it’s not always the easiest task!). Overcoming challenges will make you realize how capable you are and it’ll boost your confidence too.

2. Getting in touch with yourself

When I started traveling, I didn’t really think of it more as a way to see new countries and meet new people. But traveling is also really about getting in touch with yourself. It makes you reflect on your life, on the way you are as a person and even what you’d like for yourself in the future. Traveling enables us to put things in perspective and to see things in a new way. When we leave our little bubble at home, we are faced with new challenges everyday. The way you handle those challenges is what will give you an insight into who you are as a person. When you’re finished traveling, you’ll come home feeling very differently, which is a good thing. You’ll get to know yourself better and you’ll be more confident in what you want in life and who you want to be. Traveling will change your life forever and that’s why so many people love to take the leap and go abroad.

3. You appreciate what you have more

Not everything in this world is glitter and gold. You might see a lot of poverty and despair when you’re traveling. Or you might just realize how lucky you are in life and how good you really do have it at home. Exploring another country will make you appreciate home so much more. Perhaps it’s much easier to get medical care at home for example, or traffic just works better, or the air is fresher. There’s really no place like home.

4. Traveling is one hell of an adventure

Are you in the search of a real adventure that will make your heart skip a few beats? You don’t need to go bungy jump to get that feeling (although it’s a lot of fun), why not just book a trip somewhere? When you travel, you’re going to be doing new things every single day. It could be something as simple as eating new food or just walking around in a foreign city. Either way, it’s one hell of an adventure to be far away from home. You can do all sorts of fun while traveling. Why not try surfing, scuba diving, trek in the mountains, etc. Everyday is an adventure when you’re traveling.

5. You want to escape life for a bit

People used to ask me what I’m escaping because I was traveling so much. To be honest, I was just escaping my boring life at home. I didn’t want to sit in an office anymore, I didn’t want to live my life through other people’s Instagram travel photos. I wanted to be one of those people who were out there living their best lives! So I wouldn’t say that escaping your regular life is a bad thing. Sometimes life gets tough. Perhaps you went through a bad breakup or your job is so demanding that it’s consuming you. Traveling can be a great relief from stress and it can (and will) make you happier! Although you shouldn’t travel and expect a miracle to happen, what you can do is take the experience for what it is. Get out there, be social, meet new friends, book a few tours, relax on the beach when you feel like you’re tired and allow yourself to unwind from everything. Allow yourself to enjoy your vacation and to reflect more on your life at home. Perhaps when you come back, you won’t feel like life is weighing you down so much anymore.

Does this make you want to travel? Then don’t wait any longer and get out there! One of the best destinations for first time travelers is Southeast Asia. The tourism infrastructure works excellently, it’s very safe and also affordable. That’s some of the reasons why people love to travel to Southeast Asia. Vietnam especially is a fantastic destination. If you’re looking for warm weather, white sand beaches, stunning landscapes, amazing food and friendly locals, you should consider going to Vietnam. So go ahead, take the leap and allow traveling to change you forever!

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