You Can’t Miss A Souvenir At Vietnam Floating Market When On Tour

Vietnam is a place of many wonders. And, the floating markets in a Mekong Delta is one of them. A journey to this place would give you a new and unusual experience. When you visit, a souvenir is necessary but not a must, for future remembrance of this marvelous place.

There are numerous floating markets in the Mekong Delta. Each one unique, in its own way. And clearly, there is something for everyone. Floating markets are good ways to explore and understand that there is more to life than the ordinary.  There are no fancy malls or restaurants here. Everything is simple, yet sophisticated.

Most locals stay in the boats. You shouldn’t be surprised that some boats are extensions of the vendors’ homes. Additionally, you shouldn’t mistake the clothes in the hanging lines as for sale. Most are hanged there to dry.

Well, Read on to discover what these markets have in store for you.

Cai Rang floating market

Cai Rang is the most popular and most extensive of all the floating markets. The place is easily accessible by lots of tourists. It’s known for selling wholesale products. Often, the market is usually opened at 5 am. Just like any other floating market; there is a long pole at each boat where the product being sold is hanged.

Items sold here include goods and fruits such as grapes and kiwi fruits. Enjoy breakfast at the plastic chairs on some of the boats. Lastly, you would totally love banana cakes and coconut leaf cake. These are traditional snacks.

Nga Bay floating market

Also known as Phung Hiep market. If you want to dive in and understand the rich and diversified culture of the locals here; well, this is the place to be. The bustling market has lots of trading activities going on. Each boat sells a particular item. The welcoming atmosphere and iced coffee are what you require on a beautiful morning.

Besides, you can listen to traditional Vietnamese folk songs. You would love the traditional Vietnamese clothes known as ‘ao ba ba.’

Some of the products you can purchase here include fruits, veggies, and other household items. Surprisingly, animals such as turtles, birds, lizards, and iguana are sold here too. These pieces are supplied nationwide, and some exported also.

Nga Nam floating market

Five rivers combine to form this beautiful market. It’s located on the central of Mekong Delta. The energy in this market is on another level. Actually, it opens at 3.00am and full to capacity by 5 am. The atmosphere here is welcoming, and you would adore it.

Goods sold here are diversified. Examples include potatoes, cabbage, rice, crabs and frogs. Amazingly, you can even purchase electronics.

The fish noodle, rice soup, and coffee here are irresistible.

You wouldn’t miss listening to folk songs and notice traditional Vietnamese clothes. Lastly, you will leave to remember the southern people accent.

How to get to the floating markets

There are numerous means to get to the floating market. It can be by train, bus or air to the nearest town. Then, you can rent a boat to navigate your way through the market. Or rather, book a traveling tour to help you navigate your way through.

As stated earlier, apparently there is something for everyone. You wouldn’t miss something to take home as a souvenir. From flowers to fruits, to clothes, and electronics. There are varieties to choose from. Planning for your next vacation in Vietnam?  Stop at the floating markets for an enchanting experience.

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