Why Son Doong Cave Is A Must Place To Visit In Vietnam.

Located in the heart of Nha Ke bang national park is Son Doong cave. Also, it’s known as the mountain river cave. Actually, this is the largest cave in the whole world.

This article covers all the lovely things you should know about Son Doong cave. Read on for the exclusive insights.

Ho Knah discovered Son Doong cave in 1990. The natural beauty it possesses will leave you awe-stricken.  It has some of the biggest stalagmites and stalactites, you will fall in love. Additionally, you can view the marvelous grottos. The best time for a visit is between August and February since the temperatures are its best.

The cave stretches for over 5km and its 650 meters high and 500 feet wide. Years ago, the roof collapsed and formed beautiful sections.

During the rainy seasons, the place can’t be accessed as it often floods.

This is a rain forest. The place experiences humidity climate. To go to this place, unfortunately, you have to be physically fit and mentally prepared. If you think you’ve seen enough wonders, then this cave will prove you wrong. It has its own jungles, rivers, and misty clouds. Besides, it experiences its own unique climate.

A guided tour works best for a magnificent experience.

How to get there

There are many ways to get here. But the most common forms are by air, train or bus.  The train takes approximately 10 hours to reach Dong Hoi the nearest town to the cave. Alternatively, a coach is faster means.

After a long journey, take arrest at Phong Nha mountain house. This is necessary to recharge for the adventure awaiting you. Then, pass through the Ban Doong ethnic minority village. Here, you get to interact with the hospitable locals, and exchange ideas on lots of things. Lastly, you can grab lunch with them.

Activities to be enjoyed

This place is impressive. It promises numerous activities. Some of them include;

  • Jungle trekking. If you’ve never been into a jungle then this a place to be. Through this, you would discover the beautiful areas inside the cave. There is a jungle located in 2 large dolines which you will totally love. You wouldn’t miss a ‘watch out for dinosaurs’ sign.

  • Hiking- you require helmets, gloves, and comfortable shoes to perform this strenuous activity. Climb up the great wall of Vietnam, which is 262 feet tall. Furthermore, you can explore the marble mountains and rock climb.
  • Caving- apart from Son Doong cave, you can also go to Hang En cave the second largest cave in the world. Hang Va cave is a good spot too. Lastly, swim in the emerald water to freshen up.
  • Boat riding-Riding in a boat is not only fascinating but exciting. You can ride your way to Phong Nha cave.
Mystery misty cave entrance in Son Doong Cave, the largest cave in the world in UNESCO World Heritage Site Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Quang Binh province, Vietnam
  • Camping -there are numerous spots where you can camp. Group travel is marvelous for this expedition. Camping here for a few days ensures you go through every part of the cave.
  • Photography -the beauty of this place needs to be recorded. Carry a camera or a camera phone with enough storage. Take pics of anything and everything you adore. After all, the pics are what create the memories.

Son Doong cave is splendid. The place shouldn’t miss in your bucket list. This is a must visit, if you are seeking adventure.


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