Facts About Landmark 81, the Tallest Building in Vietnam

In the past few years, Vietnam’s economy has been developing significantly as evident on the many infrastructures and skyscrapers that are sprouting all over the country. For instance, in the city of Ho Chi Minh, which is the country’s financial district, you’ll easily recognize the many tall buildings spread all over the city. Of these buildings, it is the Landmark 81 that is considered to be the tallest.

The Landmark 81 is an 81-story super skyscraper located in the Binh Thanh District of Ho Chi Minh. It is part of the luxury development of Vinhomes Central Park, which is dubbed a “miniature green city.” Set in a 43-hectare land area, the development also includes high-end retail shops, luxury condominiums and hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. Here are some facts about this famous skyscraper in Vietnam.

Tallest Building in Southeast Asia

The Landmark 81 is 461 meters tall, with 81 stories, 3 basements, and covers an area of 141,000 square meters. As of 2018, it’s the tallest building in Southeast Asia, surpassing the Petronas Towers of Malaysia. In fact, it belongs to the list of the top 14 tallest buildings in the world, along with Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, Shanghai Tower, and Taipei 101.

The first 6 floors of the Landmark 81 are basement parking, retail spaces, residential lounge, and a clubhouse. Residential units are located in the 6th to the 40th story of the building, while the Vinpearl Hotel occupied the 42nd to 77th floors. Like most of the tall towers around the world, Landmark 81 has an observation deck on the top floors. If you want to enjoy a panoramic view of Ho Chi Minh, then this is where you should go. Located at the 79th to the 81st floor of the tower, the observation deck is equipped with telescopes and advanced touchscreen system.

Tallest Green Building in Vietnam

The Landmark 81 is built in a “green park” that’s home to buildings that are built in the most environmentally friendly way. In fact, the glasses in the exterior portion of the tower are made from Low E glass, an extremely thin glass that is said to be thinner than the human hair. The glass features efficient light transmission and heat control system and is said to prevent UV radiation. So despite the fact that the building is showered with bright sunlight, it still enjoys a cool and stable temperature.

Aside from the eco-friendly glass material, the Landmark 81 is known for its clean water system that’s comparable to European standards. The surrounding buildings are also modern and luxurious and are at par to the residential properties in the Western countries.

High-tech Entertainment Facilities

Inside the Landmark 81, you’ll also find several commercial spaces and luxury retail stores. It also has the most high-tech entertainment facilities in the country, such as the CGV cinema that’s equipped with IMAX technology. The cinema also features a modern lounge with impressive decor.

Aside from the cinema, there’s also an ice stadium inside the tower known as the Vincom Ice Rink. In fact, it’s the largest ice stadium in the country with an area of 2,000 square meters. Landmark 81 is also home to the country’s finest restaurants serving international and local cuisines. Some of the country’s most luxurious bars and pubs can also be found in the building, as well as cozy coffee shops and cafes.

Stunning Infinity Pool

Another highlight in Landmark 81 is its stunning infinity pool having a width of 1,000 square meters. The Infinity Edge Pool is part of the Vinpearl Hotel and is located at the tower’s 47th floor. It opens to the stunning views of Ho Chi Minh and the nearby Saigon River is clearly visible from here. The pool is designed to create an image similar to a lake that extends into the horizon, making it a great place to relax while soaking up the views.

There’s also a bar at the pool area known as the Blu Pearl Bar, which was named after the famous South Sea pearls. Just like the pearls that symbolize elegance and luxury, the Blu Pearl Bar is also known for its elegant design and world-class services. They serve a wide range of refreshing cocktails and sumptuous snacks.  So if you feel hungry after taking a dip at the infinity pool, simply head to the bar.

How to Reach Landmark 81

If you’re visiting Ho Chi Minh soon, you may want to consider dropping by at the Landmark 81. Or better yet, consider staying at the luxury Vinpearl Hotel and enjoy its world-class amenities. The building is very famous in Ho Chi Minh so it’s very easy to get here. You can simply hail a cab at any area of the city and the driver can easily take you to the place. If you’re staying at the Vinpearl Hotel, you can arrange for a pickup from the airport. This is highly recommended if you’re arriving late at night.

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