Love Mountain Hiking? Make A Trip To Fansipan Mountain in Vietnam

Fansipan Mountain in Sapa is the highest mountain in Vietnam and Indochina peninsula with a height of 3143 metres above sea level. The mountain region has a temperate forest. It has become a habitat for a variety of wild plants and animals. For mountain lovers, this is the best place to choose to go for hiking. Going up the mountain can take days or just a day for the strong and healthy. There is another easy way up the mountain by use of cable wire which takes only twenty minutes. It sounds so easy using the cable wire. Hiking up the mountain by trekking is a great experience, there are so many activities to do and see on the way up.

Experiences On The Way Up The Mountain

The journey up the mountain trekking is quite strenuous. It requires great endurance, and one has to be fit enough health wise and ready for the challenge. This is the best way to explore Fansipan mountain. Standing at the summit of the mountain which you have worked so hard for is quite pleasing. While on the way up penetrating through the natural forest you come across beautiful rare plants whose flowers have blossomed and animals such as a monkey. You get the chance to take pictures of every single exciting thing and capture the moment as well. Resting on the way up is also a nice experience. Stopovers and camping is another way as you get the chance to look at the waterfalls and streams. As there are a number of camping sites on the mountain. If you choose not to carry your sleeping bags, this will be your option on where you will rest your head. Eat your dinners or lunch at the mountain, enjoy each other’s company with whoever you are with whether family, friends or alone.

Climbing Up

Climbing up the mountain is an ascending and descending journey. It may get a little slippery at some point. Therefore, it requires a lot of caution and comfortable non-slippery shoes. The weather up the mountain is also cold with the wind blowing. But it depends on the time of the year that you have visited. The slopes are steep; some parts may be rocky. It changes from steep, gentle slopes and sharp drops. The forests fade as you move higher up leaving one to the exposed ridges.

The Mountain Summit

The mountain summit is surprisingly packed with people. You may have thought you would find yourself all alone or just you and your crew, but you will be surprised to find people up. The mountain top has become easy to access through the cable wire. You may want to take a picture here with a Vietnamese flag just for remembrance. There are other places to look at and capture the moment like at the summit pylons, a Buddhist temple.There is also a gigantic seated Buddha at the summit. If you are worried about food after the long tiring journey, there are restaurants available here as well.

The Descent

The descent down the mountain has two options as well that is trekking or by use of the cable wire. The cable car will be a different encounter for those who trekked up. As you are high above the ground looking down the forested walked. It is a very comfortable tour of just a few minutes down.


Climbing Fansipan does not require any skills as it is just like taking a walk but in a bit of a higher, slippery, wet, rocky ground. It only requires caution and perseverance. You may choose to carry sleeping bags if you have no plans of camping in one of the camping hats available, waterproof tents, food such as junks, raincoats in case of rain, and compass if necessary or where is no guide. With all these, you are set to go.

Cable Car

If you don’t like hiking or your budget or body inhibits your adventure level, there is always the cable car option. To some of you, this Fansipan Legend Cable Car may also seem like an adventure since it spans 6,292.5 meters, making it the longest three-rope and non-stop cable car out there. Not only that, it also holds the record for highest elevation gain with 1,410 meters for three-rope cable cars. It sweeps through clouds with views over Muong Hoa Valley, and through the magnificent peaks of Hoang Lien Son Range. You still have to summit Mount Fansipan by walking about 600 stairs to the very peak after you exit the car. A roundtrip ticket costs 600,000 VND.

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