Mui Ne : Hot Air Balloon Flight, a Must-Experience adventure

Each destination in Vietnam has specific sceneries that attract tourists. Mui Ne has been a significant destination of many visitors for its beautiful beaches and unique dunes that have a lot of activities and fun.  Located 180 kilometers east of Ho Chi Minh City, Mui Ne is a town and cape that is famous for its beautiful beaches that has appeal numerous travelers. With the long and clear coastal line, it is an ideal place to enjoy the beautiful fishing villages as well as deepen into the deep blue water of the beaches. What’s more, Mui Ne is also famous for its unique two sand dunes, to be specific the White and Red Sand Dunes, making it a rather colorful and impressive stop in any travelers’ list. Tourists as well as locals meet in these areas and have various sporting activities as they relax and enjoy the breezes if the sea. One of the experiences that have been causing visitors as well as locals to gather in Mui Ne is the hot air balloon experience. If you happen to visit this place, make a point of preparing for a magical flight at sunrise via a hot air balloon.

The geological and the climatic conditions offer a perfect place where one can fly with balloons. You can have a flight in the open sea and even over the lake desert. First, there is the Phan Thiet City that acts as the primary focal point of ballooning. Also, there are some infamous white sand rises where you can have your ballooning experience. The two places offer the best scenes where you can have the best ballooning experience. If you have any event such as a birthday and you want to celebrate it in style, you need to visit these places and have your excursion as you fly.

The balloon flight takes around 60 minutes. Mui Ne is the only place where you can easily access such activities in Vietnam. Thus, there are various travel conditions critical in ensuring that the area is safe for such flights. Also, the trip is not as cheap as one might be thinking. In most cases, the flight will cost you about $170. Thus, as you travel in the city, save some coins that may allow you to have one of your best experience as you fly via a balloon.

One of the merits of flying via the balloon is that you will be in a position of viewing the while of Phan Thiet City from a focal point.  Also, you can carry your camera in the flight so as you can capture some aerial photos of the city. You also need to wear well so as you can freely move and enjoy the trip to the latter. Therefore, next time you think of traveling in Vietnam, make a point of visiting Mui Ne and have one of the best experience as you fly in a hot air balloon.

The hot air balloon will gently carry us over the buzzing streets of rising city, and the river, where small fishing boats are resting in the sun. Going on a hot air balloon to view the whole picture of Phan Thiet city and Mui Ne beach is one of the rare moment that you can have when travelling to Vietnam.

Another thing you may enjoy on visiting Mui Ne: it is the beach

The beach in Mui Ne is relatively extensive and with lots of activities. People assemble on this beach and have fun as they engage in various sporting activities. If you are looking for a place you can relax and have fun with your family and friends, then, make a point of visiting the beach in Mui Ne. The beach has an ideal place where you can enjoy fishing as well as deepen into the blue water of the beaches.

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