The Dong Tam Snake Farm In Vietnam: An Ideal Destination For Research

Dong Tam snake farm is the largest snake raising place in Vietnam. It is located in Tien Giang Province (around 75km from Ho Chi Minh city – 1,5 hours by car). It rares snakes for both research and medicinal purposes. The snake farm is under military operation. With over fifty different snakes species of both poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. A tourist who wants to see all kinds of snakes with different colors should visit this place. Furthermore, this is the best place for research purposes with all the different snake species available and all the research done and the ones still going on. The snakes are also produced for both local uses and for exports.

About The Snake Farm

The snake farm raises dangerous snakes that are aggressive and have the ability to spit poisons. Dong Tam snake farm does not only rare the snakes but other animals like ostriches, tortoises, tigers, and crocodiles. The snake farm also produces medicines from the snake which has helped to save a lot of lives as well. The tourists who are lucky enough to visit the snake farm will have the opportunity to be informed on ways to treat snake bites and see how poison is  extracted from the different snake pictures.Some of these snakes are coiled in the branches, others in the holes, others like cobras are kept in pits, and some are kept in cages. With the other animals kept here, you have a chance to see which you might not have if one had not visited the place.

In The Snake Farm

Visit the snake farm is a great opportunity for a whole new experience. The tourists who are afraid of snakes are not much advised to visit the place. Some of the snakes such as copperheads and dendrophis are capable of spitting poison. Others like python have the ability to strangle humans. Therefore it is advisable to stay calm as you move around the same farm and avoid provoking the snakes as they might attack. King cobras and the vipers are very poisonous. The guides will lead the visitors to go through the snake farm showing them how snake venoms are extracted and its uses. They even pull out some of the snakes out for the visitors to see and take pictures.

Other Interests In The Farm

The snakes are not only used for research purposes of the venom production but also medicinal purposes and meals and drinks purposes. Medicinal wine is made from the snakes and is available for the visitors to buy. The restaura$nts also avail cobra dishes. You get a chance to eat a sweetly cooked cobra. Moreover, the farm saves the lives of many locals around who come with issues of snake bites by use of the medicinal plants and animals.

Why It Is An Ideal Research Destinations

As for the researchers, this is a great opportunity and exposure to learning more. The snake farm provides great opportunities to research on every single snake species, their venom, and treatment. The researcher will get to meet and a great team of experts and physicians who are qualified in snakes and their treatment. All the facilities needed for the research will be readily available at the snake farm. All questions need to be asked will be answered by the guides and the experts from the farm.

As for tourists who have snake phobias, Dong Tam Snake Farm is still a place for you. Get to see animals like tigers, ostriches, tortoise, and sheep are there to see. Fruit gardens is another welcoming place for them on the farm as well. All in all the experience will be unforgettable.

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