Where to get a Western breakfast in Ho Chi Minh City

Are you tired of noodles and rice, or you’re just longing for a typical, western breakfast, consisting of bread and yoghurt? If you happen to be going to Ho Chi Minh or you’re already here, there’s plenty of options for you to get a proper western breakfast in the big city. Whether you’re on a smaller budget or you can splurge, we got you covered on the best places to go for breakfast.

1. L’Usine

This trendy, hip cafe is a favorite amongst Saigonese who spends their day here on their laptops, enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a cake. But L’Usine is more than just a café – it’s also a boutique, a gallery space and a shop, aiming to recreate the feel of the Vietnamese industry. It’s one of the most successful cafés in Ho Chi Minh and therefore, the owners decided to open up multiple branches throughout the city. On their breakfast menu, you can find everything from eggs made to your liking, pancakes, toast with jam and honey, French croissants, eggs benedict, etc. It is a bit more expensive than what you’d normally pay for a Vietnamese breakfast for example. The full English breakfast costs 200,000 VND which is equivalent to 9 USD. However, the breakfast will fill you up until late during the day, and not to mention that their food is super tasty!

2. Au Parc

Perhaps the place to go to if you want to (and can) splurge and have an excellent breakfast. If you want to go to Au Parc, you have to remember to reserve a spot on their website, especially if you want to have brunch during the weekend. It’s a highly popular brunch spot for both locals and expats alike, and therefore the restaurant needs you to reserve before arrive. What makes this place so special is that it’s situated in a two-story colonial building with bare brick walls, old window frames and original cement tiles. It’s a beautiful place to sit in and enjoy a hearty breakfast. Their menu is also a bit different. Their menu consists of Californian, Turkish, Swiss and French breakfast sets and for brunch, you can choose between the New York Brunch and the Turkish Brunch. All of their ice cream, yogurt, smoothies, bread and jam are home made as well. Doesn’t that sound ideal?

3. Une Journée a Paris

Just as the name implies, it’s a French café which serves traditional croissants and other French pastries. The prices are also a bit cheaper here so it’s a great place to go to if you’re on a tighter budget. Their decor is vintage, cozy and inviting, making it a lovely place to sit down for a nice western breakfast.

4. Lubu

This lovely Australian owned café serves some seriously delicious breakfast. Lubu has a Mediterranean vibe to it and the decor makes you wonder if you’re in Vietnam or Greece. Their breakfast menu is smaller during the weekdays but you can still get some delicious breakfast. However, if you’re in Ho Chi Minh during the weekend, you must visit Lubu. You can get freshly made hummus, house-made halloumi, sourdough toast, and other yummy things that you might be missing from home. On the weekends, you can also get a free bloody mary with any of your breakfast/brunch choice.

5. The Vintage Emporium

Are you craving smoothie bowls? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! And you can get them here at the Vintage Emporium. They have all sort of “Instagram friendly” food such as avocado toast and beetroot lattes. But it’s for the Acai smoothie bowls that you should come here for. It’s a bit further away from the city centre but you just need to order a Grab taxi and you’ll be on your way for that delicious smoothie bowl you’ve been craving during your entire trip.

… If you don’t mind having a Vietnamese breakfast, there’s an adorable, small café which serves some great coffee and breakfast.

6. M2C Coffee

Bring your laptop, friends, family or just yourself and enjoy a nice Vietnamese breakfast here! They also have a lunch menu so you can stop by here anytime. The WiFi is fast, the service is great and the food is tasty. The atmosphere is quiet and calm so it’s the perfect place to go to if you need to work. A calm little oasis in the middle of the busy city of Ho Chi Minh.