10 Vietnamese Beaches That Are Pet-Friendly

Planning a Vietnam travel can be stressful due to a large number of alluring locations. Vietnam’s beaches offer one of the best places to visit. And what could be as good as traveling to Vietnam to a pet-friendly beach with your pet?

Vietnam’s beautiful beaches are one of its prized possessions for traveling with your dog. An environment where you could freely walk, run, and play on the tropical climate with it. Here’s a list of 10 Vietnamese beaches that are pet-friendly.

1. Nha Trang Beach

Nha Trang beach is one of the best large beach resort towns in Vietnam. You’ll find favorable sunny weather, that’ll be perfect for a nice walk with your dog. As your dog soaks its paws on the powdery sand, you get to enjoy the sightseeing.

Your dog will love the atmospheric embodiment of Nha Trang beach. Remember to keep your dog muzzled and kept on a leash always.

2. Star Beach, Phu Quoc

Located in Phu Quoc’s south coast, it has pristine beach waters and stunning surrounding favorable for you and your dog. It’s known for its sky blue waters and the white powdery sand. It’s one of the most attractive beaches in Vietnam.

The swaying palm trees and the big rocks provide a perfect sunrise and view as you run and walk with your pet.

Additionally Star beach has a share of good tourist and pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, and cafes.

3. Mui Ne Beach, Phan Thiet

Once a long deserted stretch of sand, it has now become a full beach resort. It’s an urban place providing a perfect environment for you and your dog to spend some time and relax. And, the best part is pooched can be taken to the beach with no leash and permitted in exploring everything in view.

It has a peaceful, lovely and tranquil nature that’ll give you the opportunity to hike and check volcanic waterfalls. Additionally, you get a free parking area. However, remember to carry your own bottle of water because fountains are limited.

4. Thuan An Beach, Hue

You can easily reach Thuan An Beach with your dog. The beach is beautiful from morning till 3 pm. Your pet can play on the white sandy beach and the turquoise sea water as you sunbathe, swim and play with it.

The temperature is relatively hot providing an excellent environment to walk and play with your dog. Additionally, you’ll find some local food restaurants in the village surrounding after spending your time in the sand, sun, and water.

5. Long Beach Phu Quoc

Long Beach in Phu Quoc captures the hearts of many people, and it wouldn’t be right if visiting this place without your dog. The most common breed here is the Phu Quoc Ridgeback. The beach is divided into two ends, that is northern and southern with the former having a majority of its luxury resorts, tourist facilities, and restaurants that are dog-friendly

The easiness of navigating this island by foot makes it an adequate place to take a walk with your dog. You can make your way here in the evening with your dog as you watch the sunset view.

6. Ly Son Beach, Quang Ngai

Ly Son Beach will offer you a peaceful and tranquil environment for you and your pet. If it suffers from sea sickness, it would be ideal for giving it a pill before the ferry ride.

Additionally, you can go for hiking with your dog as you explore the serene surrounding. The Thoi Loi Peak will offer a stunning view of the coral ridges and the crystal blue sea. Your dog will enjoy its time in Ly Son Beach as there are no specific rules that’ll limit it from playing into the sea waters with no muzzle or leash. And the parking is free.

7. My Khe Beach, Da Nang

The long stretching and wideness of My Khe Beach offer an excellent opportunity to relax with your dog. It’s open every day of the week, providing an ample place for you and your pooch in watching the sunset.

When you felt relaxed and rested, muzzle your dog or leash it as you take it for a run near the water line.

You’ll also find great amenities for you and your dog, for example, you can take it for a shower whenever it’s cover by sand.  And an affordable parking space is also provided.

8. Bai Dai Beach, Phu Quoc

Bai Dai is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam stretching to a 15-kilometer coastline of the island.

When you land in Bai Dai with your dog, you’ll feel the adrenaline rush with the many exciting undertakings on site as you watch your dog looking happier. It’s a cool place for a leisurely beachside sandy stroll with your dog.

9. An Bang Beach, Hoi An

The best thing about An Bang beach is that it’s relatively unspoiled by development, the only few you’ll find in Hoi An. There’re plenty of activities you can do in An Bang like surfing, paddle boarding and swimming as your dog plays on the shoreline sandy beach.

It offers a warm climate, and calm waters during September to March that’s very conducive for you and your pet to play and walk around.

10. Lang Co Beach, Hue

Lang Co Beach is best known for the stunning mountainous view and the picturesque landscape. As you walk through the shoreline with your dog, a revitalizing breeze from the sea will breathe through you and fresh air from Bach Ma National Park.

Your dog will love the warm weather as it plays with the soft sand. It’ll sniff around the area, and once it gets tired, you won’t get short of places to lie down for a rest.

Having a dog in Vietnam isn’t easy due to the local challenges but, it’s manageable. These beaches don’t have strict dog policies. However, you’ll find rules and regulations in some places, only to ensure the safety of your dog and other tourists and visitors.