5 Principal National Parks In Vietnam

Millions of tourists flock into Vietnam to witness the vast beauty of the landscapes and nature. To experience Vietnam’s wild side and get an off-road taste away from the busy streets, it is recommended that you visit the many national parks during your vacation in this glorious country.

The following are the top national parks you will find in Vietnam:

  • Cat Ba National Park
  • Cuc Phuong National park
  • Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
  • Ba Be National Park
  • Bach Ma National Park

1. Cat Ba National ParkĀ 

The park is a primary tropical rainforest with an extensive collection of animals, birds, and reptiles. Its most famous residents are the endangered white-headed Langurs that hide around its forests and valleys.Ā  The drifting valleys and hills form a breathtaking scenery to the mangroves and waterways that weave their way between them. There are many trails each offering a distinctive experience for hiking. There are also swimming opportunities though you will need to check the weather in advance. Cat Ba Park is good for a day trip, but you can bring your camping equipment if you may have extra time to spare during your tour.

2. Cuc Phuong National ParkĀ 

Cuc Phuong is one of the oldest existing national parks of Vietnam and is located about 3-hour drive from Hanoi. The charming views on the proposal are just stunning; paddy fields coat the ground while distinctive mounts rise dramatically amongst them.Ā  The park is home to a whole zoo of different mammals, amphibians, birds, and fish; this spectacular national park has a wide variety of attractions for visitors to explore.

3. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National ParkĀ 

Located in Central Vietnamā€™s Quang Binh Province, Phong Nha-Ke Bang offers a unique attraction. It contains one of the most significant caves in the world with entire ecosystems within its sites. Depending on your interest, caving experiences can range from afternoon excursions to intense, four-day expeditions. Above these subterranean cave kingdoms, youā€™ll have opportunities for kayaking, cycling, and hiking in the national park. With over 300 caves as well as many mountains, waterways and different forests on offer, this park is among the most famous tourist destinations in the whole of Vietnam and is a must-see among all the wonders that this magnificent country has to offer.

4. Ba Be National ParkĀ 


From rivers and waterfalls to caves, mountains and more, Ba Be Park has it all. The diverse range of ecosystems will surely impress any visitor to the park. It is also home to some tribal minorities such as the Tay, Dao, and Hmong, and offers tourists the opportunity to experience life in traditional homestays.Ā  The lakeā€™s calm currents are ideal for boat rides, refreshing dips, and fishing trips. On land, you can decide to spend time exploring the hiking trails that fan out and envelop the lake, or cycling the excellent roads all along the water.

5. Bach Ma National ParkĀ 

The park is secluded west of Hue, the steep mountains attract life-giving rain to the area, and as a result, lush vegetation abounds within the park. With many different ecosystems and habitats, Bach Ma is excellent to visit as the landscape changes before your eyes. Nature enthusiasts and bird watchers especially, cannot afford to miss this spectacular park as it is also home to over 358 species of birds. If nature is what you are after, Bach Ma is the perfect place to visit.

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