5 Best Food Tours in Hanoi

There are plenty of things you can do in Hanoi. However, if you visit the city, put in your mind eating to top the list of the stuff you can do. In Hanoi, there are no shortages of the options of food types you can take. Whether you want to scope with the street foods or roll up with the classy food types prepared in restaurants, you will have a chance of selecting your favorite food types out of the varieties within the city.

Take a look at some of the food types you can select from within the city.

1. Street Food

As you meander around the city, be prepared to meet with some street vendors who will offer some of the delicious meals in the nation. Various stalls are established due to the sale of foods along the street. If you prefer using a tour guide, they might help you land into some of the restaurants which offer some of the most delicious bites in the nation. However, whether you prefer taking your meals from the restaurants or along the streets, the tastes are similar.

2. Night Tours

In Hanoi, things spice up when the sun goes down. The balmy evening is perfect for dining some of the delicious meals in Hanoi. Under the glow of streetlights, you can snack some of the best foods as you walk along. If you are walking together with your family members or friends, you can enjoy a beer and pop up into some of the sweet shops that specialty food stores. With a group of friends, you can tuck in some of the Vietnamese foodstuffs such as frothy egg coffee and pop in and out of some of the shops that supply some of the best food types. Both restaurants` owners and the street vendors operate under a 24-hr system. Thus, even if you prefer touring at night, you won`t get short of options of some of the foodstuffs you can take.

3. Market Tours


You need to rub your elbows by discovering some of the typical Vietnamese food produce as you tour in the market place in Hanoi. The market places have some chefs that will introduce you to the ingredients used in preparing the Vietnamese cuisine.  You need to watch the residents of Hanoi as they go about their daily shopping, chat with vendors and nibble some of the small bites common along the streets of Hanoi.

4. Cooking Classes

If you love Vietnam cuisine as you visit in Hanoi, there is no better way of bringing the flavors home than having hands-on cooking glass. You can learn all about the ingredients of Vietnamese cuisine and then roll up the sleeves that lead a hand in whipping dishes that are typical in Hanoi.

5. Local Family


There no better ways of experiencing an authentic Vietnamese meal than being welcomed into the home of a local person. If you get such a chance, you need to try the food-types that are enjoyed by the city residents. As you enjoy the meals, make a point of discussing the dishes and grasp since for the historical facts associated with such food types. If a family offers to host you, be humbled and chat more of their cultures and current events. The aspect indicates that you appreciate their way of doing things. Also, you will get a chance of understanding some of the methods of preparing some of the best food types in Vietnam.

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