Where To Eat the Most Delicious Bowl of Pho in Saigon?

If there is a dish that’s synonymous to Vietnam, it would be Pho. This popular noodle soup has already been entwined to the country’s national identity and a trip to Vietnam would not be complete without tasting the most delicious piping hot bowl of Pho!

In Ho Chi Minh, Pho is served in various restaurants and street stalls, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks. The rice noodles are cooked in a clear broth and garnished with herbs, scallions, and other spices. It’s usually served with either beef or chicken meat, although you can also opt for the vegetarian version. If you’re wondering where to eat the most delicious bowl of Pho in Saigon, here are some the best recommendations.

1. Pho 2000

Pho 2000 has become famous because this is where former US President Bill Clinton had his first bowl of Pho when he came for a state visit to the country in 2000. He liked the taste a lot that he ended up ordering another bowl. Indeed, the Pho in this restaurant is very delicious. Aside from Pho, they are also known to serve the tastiest fresh spring rolls in Saigon.

Pho 2000 is close to the famous Ben Thanh Market. So if you got hungry after a whole day of exploring the market, head to this restaurant to indulge in a delicious bowl of Pho. Don’t forget to order the spring rolls, too! This restaurant is also known for its excellent customer service and the waiters speak good English.

2. Pho 24

Because of Pho’s popularity, some local businesses have decided to make a franchise out of it. One of the most popular franchises of Pho restaurants in the country is the Pho 24. It is like the Mac Donald’s version of Pho and you’ll find several branches of this restaurant all over Saigon. But although it’s a bit commercialized, you can be assured that the Pho here has an authentic taste. You can feel the delicate flavor of lemongrass in every sip and the herbs complement well with the cubes of beef or chicken meat.

You’ll find Pho 24 in almost every tourist places in Saigon. There’s one close to the Notre Dame Cathedral and also in the Ben Thanh Market. The company has also branches outside of the country, such as in the US and Australia.

3. Pho Bo Vien Thap Cam

Address: 7 Nguyễn Thái Bình street, Ward Nguyễn Thái Bình, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city

If you want to enjoy Pho like most locals do, then check out those street stalls and old shop houses that sell the most affordable but absolutely delicious bowl of Pho. One of these is the Pho Bo Vien Thap Cam, an ageing shop house in District 1. It’s usually surrounded with several parked motorbikes and there’s often a long line of customers during lunch or dinner.

Despite its shady appearance, foods are served in delicious cutlery and the taste is absolutely superb. You can fell the rich flavor of the broth that has been made even tastier by the seasonings. This place is somewhat difficult to find and you may have to ask a local for directions to this place.

4. Pho Hoa

Opened in 1983, this restaurant has a long legacy of serving a delicious bowl of Pho. It consistently ranks number one when it comes to the best places to eat Pho in Saigon. Pho Hoa Restaurant is run by several generations of local family who has their own secret recipe of Pho.

Indeed, the Pho in Pho Hoa is very tasty and is often served with a plate of fried bread known locally as quoy (quảy). Locals also love their Pho with beef tendon, which is succulent and chewy. Pho Hoa is located in Pasteur Street in District 1 and is only a walking distance to some of the famous attractions in the city.

5. Pho Thin

Pho originated in the northern part of Vietnam and this restaurant is said to serve the original North Vietnamese recipe of the soup. Located just a block away from the roundabout at Turtle Lake in District 3, this restaurant is a great place to sample the original Northern version of Pho. The soup usually has fewer condiments yet the broth is very tasty.

Pho Thin is a popular after-work hangout place of local office workers in the nearby offices. The place is usually very busy in the evening and during lunch breaks where a crowd of locals can be seen lining up for their bowl of Pho.

It’s not really difficult to find a place in Saigon that serves Pho because this dish is on the menu of almost every restaurant in the city. But if you want to sample the tastiest and the most delicious Pho, these are the best places that you can go to.