Can a Hong Kong Citizen get a Cheap Visa on Arrival in Vietnam? Read on to Find out

Vietnam is a great choice of location if you are looking to spend some days relaxing and having fun with your friends or family. If you are Hong Kong citizen and would like to know how you can get cheap Vietnam visa, this write-up will help you out. So, is it possible for Hong Kong citizens to get Visa on Arrival in Vietnam. Well, yes! Read on to find out more:

How to Get Visa on Arrival?

Just in case you didn’t know, Visa on Arrival is an online visa application program that offers the comfort and convenience for travellers to apply for their Vietnam visa from anywhere they want. All you need is your internet connected device and the rest is just as easy. Here’s how you can apply for Vietnam visa online:

  • Firstly, make sure you are dealing with a reputable visa agency, as their experience and knowledge will help you make the entire process hassle-free. Vietnam Visa Cheap is one of those agencies that has assisted individuals in getting Visa for Vietnam at reasonable prices.
  • Visit the website of Vietnam Visa Cheap and start applying online. Fill out the application form.
  • Once the application form is complete, make the payment of service fee. Service fee is required for the successful processing and approval of your visa application. The payment can be made using credit card or PayPal.
  • After a few days since the submission of application, your visa approval letter will be sent to your email. This approval letter is sealed by the Vietnamese government, so you can be confident about it.
  • Now, download and print this approval letter and take it with you. Show this letter at the landing desk in the destination airport.
  • Once the approval letter is verified, pay the government stamping fee. This is when you will have your visa stamped on your passport.
  • Now that you have received your Vietnam visa, exhibit it at the check-in counter. Enjoy your trip to Vietnam!

This is all you need to do to obtain your Visa for Vietnam. You can also apply for Vietnam visa through embassy as well. Here’s how:

Vietnam Visa Application through Embassy:

  • Hong Kong travellers willing to apply for Vietnam visa shall visit their nearest embassy of Vietnam.
  • You will be given an application form, which you need to fill up, and the officers will carry out the processing work.
  • Don’t forget that you need to submit your latest passport photograph, and a self-addressed envelope when you submit your application form.
  • After successful processing, the visa will be sent to your address that you mentioned during the application. This visa can now be utilised to enter Vietnam.

The downside to the latter method of visa application is the tiresome waiting times at the embassy, office visits, and the hassle of submitting documents. On the bright side, the Visa on Arrival e-visa program will help you to apply anywhere you are, at any time you want. Also, the online Visa on Arrival program comes with 100% refund guarantee, if your application is rejected. Full refund is also offered if you are not happy with the service!

NOTE: For British passport holders in the UK, Vietnam offers visa exemption. However, Hong Kong Citizens who hold a British National Overseas (BNO) passport should apply for Vietnam visa.

So, opt for Visa on Arrival if you are looking to applying for Vietnam visa cheapest. Get in touch with the professionals today.

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