Can a UK citizen get a cheap visa on arrival in Vietnam?

Did you know UK citizens holding passport to travel to Vietnam for tourist or business purpose can visit Vietnam without Visa for 15 days? But, in case, if you are having a different type of nationality like ‘British National (overseas)’ then you must get a visa before entering into Vietnam.

If you are UK citizen visiting Vietnam only for 30 days, you can get an e-visa regardless of the purpose of your stay. But, the usage of e-visa is limited to certain entry points you have chosen at the time of application.

What is Vietnam Visa Exemption?

Vietnam visa exemption allows people of certain countries to visit and stay at Vietnam without a visa for certain period of time. But, the travellers must have a valid approval letter prior to the travel and should apply for a visa if they intend to extend their stay more than the specified limit.

If you are UK citizen who wants to stay in Vietnam for more than 15 days, you must have a visa with you to extend your stay. It is recommended to get a single-entry visa from your travel agent if you don’t have any fixed travel plans. Choose multiple entries visa if you want to make multiple visits to Vietnam in a short period of time. If you are planning to visit Phu Quoc, you can enjoy a 30 days of visa-free stay and you have to apply for a visa if you are extending your stay for more than 30 days.

As a UK citizen, you are free to visit any parts of the Vietnam visa-free for 15 days and you will need to get a cheap Vietnam visa from a travel agency if you are extending your stay.

Steps to Get Visa on Arrival to Vietnam for UK Citizens

  • Fill out the online application form for visa on arrival and pay online.
  • Get the visa approval letter through e-mail and make a copy of it or download it to get your visa on arrival at the destination airport.
  • At the landing visa desk, submit your visa approval letter, pay the Vietnam visa stamp fee.
  • Once you’ve paid the stamp fee, get your visa stamped on the passport.
  • For entering Vietnam, show your visa at the destination check-point and enjoy your trip.

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