Vietnam Fast Factors That You Need To Know

Most of the people remember Vietnam for the bloody war that almost brought the country to ashes. It is true according to history that Vietnam once became a war zone till 1975 when the unlikely boldly war came to an end. Ever since, the country has made significant progress towards keeping peace and cohesion. Today, there more than the war as Vietnam has grown into one of the most happy, friendly and peaceful country in Southeast Asia. This has characterized it to be a perfect destination for many people across the world who are looking for holiday and vacation destination. Before you make up your mind to visit Vietnam for your next holiday, there are some Vietnam fast factors that you need to know to help you seal your decision.  These factors will make Vietnam your next big adventure trip.

Things to know about Vietnam

Low threat from terrorism

It is a guarantee now that Vietnam has very low threat from terrorism. The nature of the citizens of this country alone minimizes cases of terrorism. People are friendly and striving to remain peaceful all the time, given the fact that they have tested the bitter fruits of war and terrorism in the past. However, there are cases of petty theft within major streets of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. There are also some pick-pocketing and bag snatching cases in urban areas. Therefore, travelers are advised not to carry around expensive items or products of high value within the streets but rather leave them behind in the hotel room.

Strong laws and customs

In Vietnam there is a strong enforcement for local laws and customs. Offenses such as drug trafficking, child trafficking, sex offenses among others may attract death penalties. As a precaution, foreigners are not allowed to let Vietnamese in their hotel rooms without proper procedures. Foreigners are supposed to dress modestly when visiting religious and local places. Also, it is an offense to take pictures or videos ethnic minority villages because it is highly intrusive to the locals.

Weather and Climate of Vietnam

The climate of Vietnam varies from one region to another. You should always monitor the weather of the place you intend to visit in order to attain the best balance. Monitor the weather and make your planning to visit Vietnam. Some common weather conditions in Vietnam are cyclone, Monsoon, flooding and typhoon.


Before you travel to Vietnam, ensure that you arrange a comprehensive travel and medical insurance to keep on the safe side of health issues. Be cautious of the street water and foods to avoid cases of food poisoning. However, in rural areas of Vietnam, healthcare is extremely basic.


The official local currency that is readily accepted in Vietnam is the Don (VND). However, US dollar is also widely accepted by vendors. Always mind the notes as they look similar. The differences in notes is their sizes. It is also important to know that Vietnamese use Commas and Dots in currency the opposite way. The comma represent a figure with decimal point e.g 50,00 VND is 50 VND while a Dot is used to separate thousands e.g 50.000 VND is 50 thousand. Also, in most supermarkets and vendor shops, the letter “K” is used. This simply refer to thousand so you add three zeros whenever you find letter “K” Example. 100K means 100 thousand or 100.000 VND.

Mode of transport

The main mode of transport in Vietnam is motorbikes. However, taxi services are also common. Others use rail travel because of its safety while other consider Coastal travelers.

You need to keep in mind the above Vietnam fast factors that you need to know before your journey to explore Vietnam.

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